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Feelin’ Cute and Cosy! Day Out with Isobel

A few weeks ago I hung out with my friend Isobel to take some blog pics, go shopping, and eat yummy Italian food! It was really sunny but cold that day, so I decided to wear some cosy himekaji outfits. The other day I felt inspired to start building up my himekaji wardrobe again but I’m finding it quite tricky not to just buy Liz Lisa… Plus, I’m not a huge fan of the new stuff, so it looks like I’ll be heading down the secondhand route! I might try and buy some stuff from Ank Rouge if I find anything cute (again, the old collections).

First Himekaji Coord – Cute and Cosy!

I wore a similar outfit last year (or was it the year before) and this is by far one of my favourite coords because I can look comfy and cute! I decided to go for some ear muffs for this so that I could do my favourite hairstyle. You will definitely be seeing me wear this outfit a lot over the next few months!

dress: liz lisa / hoodie: erm can’t remember sorry / bag: ebay / shoes: dorothy perkins / accessories: primark

Second Himekaji Coord – Blush Florals!

I’ve had this MA*RS poncho for a while but it just wasn’t the right weather to wear it! I’m hoping to get more chances to wear it this year. I really liked layering it over this brown floral Liz Lisa dress but I’m intrigued to see how it’ll look with a pair of jeans (and maybe some heels? Who knows!). It was also the first time I wore this beret that I bought from Dreamy Bows at the last Hyper Japan event, and it made me feel so chic! 

dress: liz lisa / poncho: ma*rs / beret: dreamy bows / bag: floozie / shoes: dorothy perkins / accessories: misc

Some more pictures from our day together! I had a really lovely time and I really enjoy taking photos and wearing cute outfits tehe. 

Anyway, how are you? Hope you’re okay and keeping safe! 

Lizzie xx

BTW – restrictions weren’t as strict when we took these photos but we made sure to sanitise our hands frequently, stayed as socially distant as we could, and wore masks whenever we were indoors!

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