Countryside date at Canons Ashby

Hey cutie, how are you? Me and my hubby decided to take a trip to the countryside over the weekend to make the most of the (potentially) last days of summer The place we went to was called Canons Ashby and it was such a lovely little place! We had pretty much no signal there which was nice. I needed a break from my phone anyways…

They had a lovely vegetable patch which makes me want to grow my own carrots and potatoes but… I’m awful at gardening Maybe I’ll give it a go!

Saw some pumpkins! Is it Halloween yet…?

I don’t know why but I felt that this place, even though its a lot smaller than other houses I’ve been too, had so much more in it??? I had a lot of fun following the little stories.

More shots of my co*de~

Here’s my vlog of our day out~

Until next time

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  • キーリん♡
    September 2, 2022

    Ahhh I love these places! I wish we had them here ;_; There was a place like that back in NY but nothing here!
    Really love the coord! Super cute and perfect for this time of year!