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Countryside Flower in the Cotswolds

Gosh, I love himekaji. I was actually thankful that it wasn’t as sunny as it had been because then I was able to wear my new Liz Lisa jumpsuit for my birthday (which I actually bought secondhand – but still “new” in my eyes). I had no idea where my hubby was taking me but he did hint that my jumpsuit would be perfect for it, and it was! We spent the whole day in the sunshine (and some rain) strolling through the countryside and eating afternoon tea in beautiful English manors, and I felt like such a princess. I was definitely treated like one in any case!

Snowshill Manor + Gardens
A picturesque street in the Cotswolds
Buckland Manor

Jacket + Bag: Primark / Jumpsuit: Liz Lisa (secondhand via Emilie’s Sales on FB) / Hat: Have no idea, probs from a holiday somewhere / Accessories: eBay / Shoes: Sweet Soul Shop

Where did we go? We first stopped off at Snowshill Manor and Gardens, which is part of the National Trust. We bought membership passes earlier on in the year as we realised that we went to National Trusts’ quite often (*cough* forafternoontea *cough*). It was the most beautiful manor house I’ve seen in the while, and was formed of many houses put together which was extremely cute! I have to admit that I preferred the gardens outside than the walls inside. After that we went over to Buckland Manor for afternoon tea which was lovely as it felt as if we were just sitting in a cosy living room as we overlooked the garden. It was extremely cosy, but we had a bit of a blip as a wasp somehow managed to find it’s way up my trouser leg. Luckily I have lining underneath the jumpsuit so it wasn’t directly onto my skin!

Aside from that, what I wanted to talk briefly about today is himekaji. What makes me sad about it is that it’s not that popular in the gaijin gyaru world anymore, and this drives me to do it more often! It’s as if I’m paying homage to the younger me as himekaji (and himegyaru) were the first styles that I fell in love with. Liz Lisa is still a very popular brand, true, and even though they’re not gyaru anymore I’m going to wear them in a gyaru way by putting on dramatic gal makeup! (I discussed this in more detail in another blog post which has been one of my all-time favourites to write).

I also tried a new hairstyle for this special day – do you like it? I admit that it isn’t perfect but it was the perfect solution for me as it didn’t actually take that long to do. My only wish is that I had more daisies in my hair!

Anyway, I really hope you liked this short and sweet post. It was really nice to not feel pressured to write paragraphs and to just talk about my day and what’s been on my mind lately!

Until next time.

Lizzie xx

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