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Crop It Like It’s Hot

I rarely wear crop tops, and when I do my midriff is usually covered up, so when I saw this gorgeous crop top from Tobi* I took the leap and paired it with some “high waisted” jeans as an effort to cover up that part of skin but ultimately failed. But instead of feeling horribly exposed, I felt amazing.

Crop top: Tobi / Jeans & Heels: New Look / Clutch: Ted Baker / Accessories: Primark


It’s strange because I’ve never been one to think myself as sexy. Cute, sure, but never sexy. My face is too baby-face to get away with such a thing, and even when I was fully decked in MA*RS I didn’t really feel sexy. Maybe it’s the lace details on the back, or the fact that it wasn’t good to wear this top with a bra… Well, whatever it was, it was a strange feeling. I wasn’t too sure if I liked this feeling but I loved this top so what can I say? It’s a bit risqué which was exciting, but I knew that it would look the bomb if I paired it with a bomber jacket (see what I did there) and over the knee boots.


Another “new” thing that I did was do an outfit post indoors. The weather was awful outside (can’t you tell from the shoddy lighting?) but I would love to do more indoor outfit posts in future. I want to mix it up a little bit over this blog and explore new ways in taking photos until I get the confidence to go into the outside world and maybe even *gasp* take pictures in the city. It was okay to take pictures in public in Japan, but I get jumpy over here in the U.K…


Anyhow, what kind of clothes make you feel good? I’m tempted to try new ways in wearing this crop top to boost my confidence because I really do love it. Future post, maybe?


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*sponsored post – thank you so much Tobi!

P.S So this is the shortest post I’ve ever written, and I’m not too sure what I think about it but hey! At least I didn’t ramble, right?

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