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My Current Himekaji Gyaru Inspirations!

Hey cutie! Today I want to talk to you about my current gyaru inspirations. Most of these influenced my mokomoko/old-school himekaji phase and I think I have saved every photo I can on my pinterest for inspiration haha. Anyway, let’s go!

Please note: that I’m mainly inspired by the 2009-2011 era! So when I refer to these people as inspirations, it’s of their old styles. 

♡ Chie ♡

I don’t really know where to start because everything about Chie is inspiring! She is my favourite gal and biggest inspo! I especially love how her hair is always immaculate. She inspired me to achieve big bouncy curls and I’m so happy to say that I found a really successful (and heatless) way to do it!

♡ Kumicky ♡

Kumicky is the reason I went and bought lots of Popteen magazines – if I see her on the cover, I have to get it!!! I absolutely adore her coords as they are so cute. She inspired me to buy a usamimi recently so I can’t wait to create cute spring co*des with them.

♡ Okarie ♡

Okarie is another one of my very old favourites from when I first started gal. I remember buying some Luminous Change lower lashes because it reminded me of the way she did her eye make… Although now I haven’t been able to find ones good enough. One day! 

♡ Chiimelo ♡

Chiimelo is my favourite YouTuber which is kind of strange because all of her videos are in Japanese and… Well, I don’t know a single word of what she’s saying haha. But I just love how expressive she is in her videos and her makeup is simply stunning. Everytime I watch one of her videos I am hit with a huge wave of inspiration to do more videos and to have lots of cute My Melody decor! She is technically not himekaji anymore but her old coords were really inspiring.

♡ Gugu ♡

Gugu (aka Kurumi Hanji) was one of my main inspirations when I first started gal about 10 years ago, and I’ve been inspired by her looks again! Unfortunately she closed down her blog so I wasn’t able to find many photos of her… But I really love her eye makeup and the fact that she has done quite a few looks with dark hair. Again, not technically himekaji, but I just had to include her.

♡ Kureyon Shitan (Shiori Suzuki) ♡

This is a very recent inspiration of mine that my bby Emi showed me! I love love love her coords and looks so much. And she is also a Popteen model (hmm it seems like a lot of my inspos are from Popteen!) I love her dark haired looks and how she combines himekaji with a tan! It makes me want to try out tanning again…

Also! Before I go I want to say a huge thank you for your support on the new direction with my blog. It’s been years since I’ve felt excited about blogging rather than stressing about everything being perfect! I can’t wait to do more casual posts in future.

Who are your gyaru inspirations?

Until next time!

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