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Cute Ways to Transform Your Desk Space (+ Giveaway!)

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I have never been known to have a tidy desk. You’d usually find it drowned under masses of paper, sketchpads, books, with my phone somewhere amongst the mess. It wasn’t until I moved in with my love that I wanted to put more of an effort into making my desk space really cute, and I try to do the same at work. So I’ve put together a list of cute ways to transform your desk space if you’re a lil’ bit stuck on what to do.

Disclaimer: This post contains gifted items. Please read this page for more info.

Cute Ways to Transform Your Desk Space

Use a cute mug as a pen pot

I have a lot of pens, so my pen pots are quite varied but I put my ‘main’ pens in a Hello Kitty mug! Using a cute mug as a pen pot is a great way to make your desk look cute while saving some pennies.

Add some sufficient succulents

These babies are the perfect solution because they don’t require a lot of care – they only need a little bit of water once a month (which is perfect for people like me who can’t look after plants very well). You can get some super tiny ones from your local garden store – I got these two as a set from B&Q for around £5!

Have kawaii stationery*

I cannot get enough of kawaii stationery, and I go through pencils so quickly due to my daily scribbles, and at the moment I absolutely adore my Hello Kitty mechanical pencil from Blippo. I am a huge Hello Kitty/Sanrio/San-X lover, and when I first started working I was way too embarrassed – which is silly, really – to bring all of my stationery to work. Having my Hello Kitty pencil was the easiest way to slowly ease it in, then I brought in my Pompompurin ruler. My next step is to go all out with my Rilakkuma hardcover notebook (although it’s quite small so I just use it to take blog notes for now). Soon my deskspace is going to be filled with kawaii stationery, although I’m not too sure if work would be too happy if I decorated my computer with Gudetama stickers like I do at home…

Surround yourself with happy memories

Work can be hard at times, so it’s nice surround yourself with happy memories. I have quite a few photos hanging around my desk space at home including those on a wireframe that I got from Primark as well as on a little bit of string on the wall. I don’t have a lot of space to do this at work so I have one of those crocodile-clip photo holders that you can get from pretty much anywhere – I couldn’t help myself and caved in to buying this super cute unicorn one from Primark.

Desk companions are the best companions

I couldn’t not include my little Sailor Moon figure that I got from my trip to Japan on my desk, with BB-8 to keep her company. I also have a Sumikko Gurashi charm* and my super cute squishy animal donut* hanging off my wire frame. I have a heart macaron squishy* hanging off my phone as well to add a bit of cuteness to my everyday life.

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Lizzie Bee xx

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