Cuteness Overload: Agejo & Himekaji Summer Wishlist!

Lately I’ve been trying to sprinkle a bit of cuteness into my everyday life – I rotate phone cases every so often and my colleagues at work always comment on them saying how cute they are which makes me really happy! My next step is to start wearing false nails or make my natural ones look pretty, so I’ve been looking around on the internet and found these Sailor Moon nails by LhouraiisShop which led me to make a cute wishlist for the summer.

I couldn’t help myself and had to include a few things from MA*RS! I’m really excited to get back into agejo again – I managed to sell a few of my MA*RS stuff during my wardrobe refresh and now I can’t wait to replace them with newer clothes. I have a MA*RS phonecase for my old phone (which I’ve still kept tehe!) and I really like their new rose bejewelled print so of course I had to include this beauty on my wishlist. The dress is both pretty and casual, which is perfect for work, and these heels from Princess Melody are super cute!

I still have plans to integrate some hime gyaru elements into my wardrobe and this crown ring & rose bow hair clip from Dreamy Bows is perfect. This Liz Lisa dress from Kawaii Gyaru Shop* is just too beautiful to pass out on and would look great with these heels from Cute Kawaii/Harajuku**.

That’s all for my wishlist! I had to stop myself from going any further otherwise it would’ve been neverending, but I’d really like to get some of these items as there’s nothing more depressing than wanting something you’ll never be able to get.

So what’s on your wishlist for the summer? Can’t wait to see what you cuties have been eyeing up recently! ♡

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*Kawaii Gyaru Shop discount code: LIZBEE
** Cute Harajuku discount code: LIZBEE

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