♥ Diamond Lash Review ~ Ichibankao ♥

Please note that this isn’t a sponsored review! I bought these lashes for myself from ichibankao.com n_n~

Hey beautiful people! How’re you all? 

My lashes from ichibankao arrived on Wednesday! I was so happy to finally receive my first pair of ‘real’ Gyaru lashes, and literally squealed with joy when my boyf handed them over to me <3

So I ordered the Diamond Lash Glamourous Lashes and the Feminine Lash, because I really wanted to see if they would help me with my Gyaru look.

Aanyways, this is what the packaging looked like~

They also included a cute lil’ business card as well n_n I was surprised how small the package actually was o_O They really didn’t waste anything~ (My Product Design self kicking in here lolol)

Bonjour les beaux gens! Ça va? Mes faux cils ont arrive en mercredi et j’ai décidé d’écrire un article. J’étais très heureuse parce que c’est le premier temps ce que j’ai les faux cils de Japonais <3 J’ai « Diamond Lash Glamorous Lashes «  et « Feminine Lash » parce que je voudrais avoir l’air d’une gyaru plus. L’emballage était très petit et il y a aussi une carte. Il y a des photos ~ 

Righties, onto the pictures!

This is what my old lashes looked like

And this is me with my false lashes on n_n~

Such a difference, ne?

Delivery and Packaging 
I was really surprised how quickly I received the lashes seeing as they were from Japan, and I got them in just a week! There weren’t any damages on the cases either and I liked the fact that they included a lil’ business card.

Ease of putting on ★★★★★
They were so easy to put on! Was really surprised actually because I thought they’d be a bit fiddly, but they weren’t o_O 

I really liked the design of these two, because I always had a soft spot for spikey lashes and for these lower ones (rather than the really dramatic lowers)

So yeah, I’ll definitely order from ichibankao again because of their good service and extremely quick shipping! n_n 

J’étais étonnée parce que je les ai reçu très vite, seulement une semaine ! Il n y a pas des dégâts  aussi ! Très choquant parce qu’ils viennent en Japon~

Enfin, j’adore ces faux cils ! Ils sont les meilleurs cils ce que j’ai eu n_n  

That’s all for now,
Lizzie <333  

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