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Gyaru with Dark Hair? Inspiration Post!

Hey cutie ♡ How are you? Sorry I’ve been so inactive on here over the past week or so – it’s been unbearably hot in the UK, so I’ve been finding it really difficult to string two words together… But, anyway, today I wanted to share with you some dark-haired gyaru inspiration! I myself have dark hair, and for the first year or so I was getting really down about it because I deemed myself “less gal” (which, as we know, is a really stupid thought). So this post is dedicated to those who want to rock dark hair in gyaru!

Be warned – this is going to be a bit of a photo dump, but hopefully it’ll be enough to give you a good idea on how to do gyaru with dark hair. This will most likely be a post that I’ll regularly update.

Key points on doing gyaru with dark hair

Before I show you the photos, I want to highlight some key points on doing gyaru with dark hair. Basically, whenever you lack in one aspect of gal, you always have to make up for it in another, so in this case I would highly recommend:

This is because gyaru is first and foremost based on outside appearance, and you want to look recognisably gal from a quick glance!

Another thing you can always do is add in some clip-in extensions in a different colour!

Inspirational Pics!

Okay now it’s time to dive right into the pics! I’m not including all photos of dark-haired gyaru – instead I’ve chosen a select few of my favourite gyaru and gyaru models. I made sure they all had different styles to give paint a general picture of how to do gyaru with dark hair.

Shiori Suzuki



Ayano Tokumaru


Sayoko Ozaki




And, of course, you have me (¯ ³¯)♡

lol I’m so shameless haha

That’s it for today! ♡

I hope this post has been useful to you! I absolutely love putting together these inspirational posts, and have been meaning to do this for a veeeeery long time, and I’m glad I finally have!

What advice would you give to those who want to do gyaru with dark hair?

Speak soon ♡

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