Day O1 – When did you start dressing Gyaru?

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So me and the lovely Alice decided to create Gyaru 30-day meme together! We did this by mixing together a few existing memes and then changing them for Gyaru~
And you are more than welcome to use it! :3 Just give us some credit tehehe~

We’re going to do it every three days instead due to our busy schedule, and today is “When did you start dressing Gyaru?”

I stumbled across Gyaru when I decided that Lolita was not the best fashion for me. I just couldn’t see myself wearing it in public, and even though I found it beautiful I just felt uncomfortable after I tried it out a couple of times. I wished that I could wear it with the confidence that other Lolitas had, and I didn’t have the support from my family whenever I did try it on…
Luckily I didn’t even wear it properly and didn’t really own any Lolita items, so it was easy for me to leave the fashion. I started wearing clothes that were girly and that led me onto my craze for Hello Kitty.

For two years I wasn’t in any kind of fashion, just floating away and wearing whatever clothes that I could get my hands on, so most of the time I was just wearing jeans and t-shirts. Nothing special really. Then – I can’t really remember how – I was just surfing on Google when I came across another fashion; Hime gyaru. I reminded me so much of Lolita but then I realised that there was another substyle called Hime-kei which I could possibly wear. I decided to research further and found all of the other substyles of Gyaru, and fell in love with it straight away.

It was because I could actually wear Gyaru that made me love it, and I was amazed by their makeup and hair. But I still had the n00bness in me and thought that I could get away with wearing BARELY ANY MAKEUP OTL

How the hell did I call this Gyaru? o_O sdkgjbskdjfbgf . 

Unfortunately I was like this for a while -_- But then I finally began to make some improvement when I had my first ever advice from Kogal Panel.

From then on I decided that I actually really liked this fashion, and started to get pretty serious. I started doing a lot of research for more tutorials and magazines and started to try out casual styles. That’s when I started talking to Amelie who was my first ever Gyaru friend πŸ˜€ And she helped me out a crap load! After a couple of weeks I was then part of Delight – a UK Gyarusa that has now unfortunately disbanded – and did my best to improve even more.

Trying out bottom lashes for the first time!

That’s when I bought my first pair of Japanese lashes, and that changed the way I did my make entirely! I began to focus more on trying out different styles and shades of eyeshadow. I also experimented with different hair styles and bought more clothes.

For a couple of months I changed my style from Hime-kei and casual Gyaru to a more dramatic side of things. That’s when it became my anniversary in Gyaru… Which has just passed 3 or 4 months ago ^^ So this is a picture of where I am now!:

T h e  O t h e r  D a y s 

Day 01 – When did you start dressing gyaru?

Day 02 – A picture of yourself with fifteen facts  

Day 03 – What’s your best and worst experience with non-gyarus?

Day 04 – A picture of a memorable night

Day 05 – What do you love and dislike about gyaru?

Day 06 – A picture of something you want to do before you die

Day 07 – Your favourite accessories that you own. (a.p)

Day 08 – A picture of something you wish you were better at

Day 09 – Your wish list. (a.p)

Day 10 – A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest

Day 11 – If you could have any dress for free what would it be? (a.p)

Day 12 – A picture of someone who has made a huge impact on your life.

Day 13 – Name the best websites for gyarus.

Day 14 – A picture that makes you laugh.

Day 15 – What’s your gyaru inspiration? (a.p)

Day 16 – A picture of your typical night.

Day 17 – Show a photo for every year (or month if you’re new) that you’ve being into gyaru.

Day 18 – A picture of your favorite memory.

Day 19 – Share your best tips.

Day 20 – A picture of your most treasured item.

Day 21 – How did you come across gyaru?

Day 22 – Take a picture of your wardrobe.

Day 23 – Is there local gyarus in your area? If so where and how many.

Day 24 – Are you a lifestyle gyaru? (If not will would you?)

Day 25 – Worst hair/wig experience.

Day 26 – What do you wear when you are not in gyaru?

Day 27 – Did you ever consider leaving gyaru?

Day 28 – What do you think will and would like to happen to gyaru in the future?

Day 29 – The gyaru items you have brought over the past 29 days. (a.p)

Day 30 – Take a beautiful picture of you in gyaru

That’s all for now! I’m going to be posting a sponsored review for circle lenses in my next post, so keep an eye on it for me? ;D

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