Disappointing Halloween decorations (; ̄Д ̄)

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Hey cutie, how are you? ♡ Today I finally recieved my items from aliexpress! I really want to go big on our Halloween decorations (as last year we didn’t really celebrate because of covid) so I thought I’d order a few cheap things from aliexpress. And lol I was so disappointed.

I thought this would be more of a jumper/sweater material but instead it’s really thin and reminds me of a penguin because the fabric is super shiny lol. As if I’m wearing a wetsuit or something. The cut isn’t very flattering at all and it’s definitely cheaply made! I think the item itself is around £6 so I guess that you get what you paid for (# ̄0 ̄)

The baubles were quite good! The orange ones were a lot smaller than I expected and some of them are very glittery. Hopefully they’ll be big enough for my Halloween tree! I absolutely love the black ones.

Lol so the leaves decoration was so disappointing. I thought there were be a lot more leaves! I feel like I need 4 sets in order to achieve the effect I want… I did, however, love the spiderweb cloth which I want to put under our TV! The garland was also disappointing because you can’t really see the bats…

So the only things I ended up liking were the spiderweb cloth and the black baubles. Everything else was incredibly disappointing but I can’t be bothered to waste even more money on decor (>﹏<)

Oh well… Better luck next time!

I’m thinking of actually starting to put up my Halloween decorations soon and do a video on it! I’ll probably won’t do it all in one go so it’ll be multiple days in one video. It’ll be easier as that way I can see what things I actually need!

Anyway I’m going to chill for the rest of the evening and figure out if I should just get rid of that sweater (⌒_⌒;) speak soon ♡

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  • lovelylaceandlies
    August 26, 2021

    That’s a shame about the Halloween goodies. You can always scope out after Halloween sales and save them for next year!

    • hellolizziebee
      September 1, 2021

      Yesssss that’s very true! Can’t wait for that to happen tehehe *3*