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Everything on this blog is written from my personal opinions and experiences. Because of this, we might clash a lil’ bit on our opinions but I do not go out of my way to offend readers. I want to be 100% authentic in what I write about, including the products I use and some of this might not align with you. But that’s totally okay!

Gifted Items + Sponsored Posts

Gifted items are those that were given me to wear/use/experience for free. Sponsored items are those that were given to me for free but I was also paid to product the post/photos/etc. However, I am extremely picky and I don’t blog about things I don’t like, so if you see something about a ‘gifted’ item, it is because I actually care about the product/service. It doesn’t matter how much money a company gives me, I will never write something positive if I don’t agree with it.


All of the photos on my blog are my own taken by myself or my loved ones, unless otherwise stated. Therefore please do not use my images for professional purposes without my consent, however I am totally okay with you posting it on your blog post or social media but please please please leave a credit and a link to my blog if you do.

I will always leave credit for images that are not my own wherever possible. If you find a picture that you own on my site that you’d like removed, please email me at lizzieebeee@gmail.com and I’ll get on it ASAP.