Disneybound Mulan: If Mulan was Gyaru…


Vest: Boohoo / Distressed shorts: Boohoo / Jersey kimono: Boohoo / Over the knee boots: Boohoo / Khaki metal trim back pack: New Look / Dragon necklace: eBay / Bow & arrow scaffold bar earrings: New Look / Silver bangles: New Look

When my friend Amy from Scariel’s Grotto first asked me to do this Disneybound post I immediately thought of Mulan. It’s one of my favourite Disney films (together with Big Hero 6 and Zootropolis) so I was really excited to do this. I began to flick through some of the clothes Mulan wore before settling on her armour (I hated the colours in her dresses) and started gathering some ideas.

I then began to think… What would Mulan be like if she was gyaru? She definitely wouldn’t be the himekaji type (no way can I image her in cute floral dresses), nor something like agejo or tsuyome. It finally clicked when I was looking through some pictures of onee gyaru and came across some old pictures of Sayoko Ozaki. Mulan would look awesome with onee gyaru makeup, although her badass character would definitely make her more ane gyaru. I then had a look at clothes in Western stores to make an outfit that’s easy to buy, as well as some pictures of onee/ane gyaru outfits and makeup.

Before picking out her clothes I dug into my onee gyaru and ane gyaru archives to put together a little moodboard. I’m extremely excited for Autumn so it wasn’t a coincidence that I picked out more Autumn outfits, and I had to refrain from making it entirely Sayoko Ozaki based. If Mulan were gyaru, her makeup would definitely be more onee where she’d go for light makeup to spend more time outside kicking bad guy’s butt. Her hair would be lightly tousled – something she’d probably do the previous night – or in a messy bun.

I picked quite a lot of these items from Boohoo for my Disneybound moodboard – I can’t get enough of that place! I opted for the shorts and over-the-knee boots combination that you see a lot in gyaru outfits, especially in Autumn, and paired it with a kimono jacket for that more casual look. Of course her trust companion Mushu has to be with her wherever she goes, and what better than having dragon jewellery?

What do you think? What would your favourite Disney character be like if she/he was gyaru/gyaruo? I’d love to hear what you think!

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