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Dollar, Dollar, Bill

Is it just me or has the whole clock-going-forward thing really set you in a good mood? It has for me, as it’s a reminder that spring is creeping closer. I am so happy that I no longer have to wear long boring coats and 10000000x sweaters.

I’ve been really digging statement t-shirts this spring which is really weird because I used to think that they were ever so boring and unoriginal, but this dollar t-shirt really got me into them. I’ve got about three of such t-shirts now and I keep flicking between them but today I’m wearing this dollar one with my gorgeous high-waisted shorts that only Miss Selfridge can do.

Oh and have you noticed that I have a new hairdo? I’ve been waiting to cut mine for ages and dye it and… Oh I can’t lie to you. Fine. It’s a wig. I couldn’t bare to chop off my own hair so I just bought one from Yesstyle and it arrived a few weeks ago! I wore it for the first time at uni and was so happy that I could wear it for more than an hour and people seemed to like it! Yay!

top: Persunmall / shorts: Miss Selfridge (similar) / socks: Primark (similar) / shoes: New Look

Even though I did receive this top a few weeks ago, I haven’t actually worn it and during the time where I was suffering a stupid headache because of uni work I thought… Well, why not try it out and take some photos? This instantly boosted my mood!

Guess that’s all for now, gotta’ get back to doing uni work (joy). Hope you all have a great weekend!

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