Reasons Why You Don’t Need Gyaru Brands to be Gal

I used to be a massive gyaru brand-whore. I bought my first item (a pink and white MA*RS dress) about a couple of years after I got into gyaru and that was the beginning of my obsession. I just loved the fact that I had certain labels hanging in my wardrobe even though I wasn’t really that passionate about them.

But over the past few years I have stopped wearing so many branded items and opted for ones that I bought from places like Boohoo and Missguided, and it has helped both my creativity and my bank. I stopped feeling that I had to wear a certain brand item to achieve a certain look and became more relaxed in my style. In fact, most of my favourite outfits from last year were off-brand. And you know what? I feel so free! So here are some reasons why you don’t need gyaru brands to be gyaru.

Reasons why you don't need gyaru brands to be gal by hellolizziebee

Gyaru isn’t about certain clothes

Gyaru is about an overall aesthetic – not just a clothing item – and to limit gyaru to just certain pieces of clothing can make it seem like it’s a costume. 

Makeup and attitude triumphs over clothes

Makeup is far more important to gyaru is than clothes, and without it you just won’t look the part. I’ve always said that you can wear whatever clothes you want (even a onesie), it’ll be the makeup that sets you apart. This kind of reminds me of the chat I had with Chris about the true meaning of gyaru in that makeup and attitude are so important. 

Gyaru is super versatile

There are so many sub-styles out there that it is highly likely that the clothes you wear – if you are going for a certain look – will fit into at least one of them. Gyaru is just so versatile! You can literally do anything with it. Over the past year or so I have favoured buying non-gyaru brand items to fit into sub-styles e.g. Killstar clothes for rokku, and Boohoo for general gyaru looks.

Animal print outfit inspiration for Autumn/Winter

We are always on trend

And because of this, it’s easier to go to your local store to buy the latest fashionable items instead of having to pay a lot of money to buy something similar from Japan. Over the past few years the clothes that gal models wore in magazines (especially in EGG magazine) reflect similar trends that we have over in the West, so there isn’t so much of a pressure to wear gyaru brand.

It’ll save you so much money!

Though buying gyaru brand on a budget is possible, it’s just so much cheaper to buy local brands and to use up what you already have in your wardrobe.

Ever since switching to wearing more offbrand items I found that my self-confidence has increased because it has allowed me to push myself out of my comfort zone and to be more creative with the outfits I put together. I am no longer constricted by a particular sub-style, and don’t view gyaru as wearing certain items of clothing (which can come across as wearing a costume) but more as an overall aesthetic and attitude. I can’t imagine myself otherwise!

What do you think? Do you think people need gyaru brand items to be gyaru?

Lizzie xx

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  • Katelyn
    February 2, 2020

    I have to say your style is totally adorable and I love that you’re bold enough to wear such prints and colours! Your so cute too btw ❤️