Driving Down Memory Lane: My Favourite Gyaru Outfits of All Time

I never thought I would feel it, but I feel old – I can’t keep up with the cool kids anymore and it’s like I’m going through my gyaru granny stage. I wrote in a previous post that I feel like I’m becoming super boring and that I didn’t know what my personal style is anymore. This feeling then pushed me to look back at my old posts and I spent a couple of hours just picking out my favourite outfits. It sparked so many memories – like the time I was on the Hyper Japan catwalk for the very first time, when I did an elegant but rocky look, and when I first started getting into agejo. I have so many good memories of gyaru that I can’t let it go.

So I picked out a few of my favourite outfits and have showcased them below to remind myself that even though I might feel boring, I had a pretty damn good evolution. I’ve grown so much and even though right now I don’t see it, I know that I am more comfortable than I ever was. I’m so much happier.

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summer gyaru outfit

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Appreciate the Small Things in Life

I felt so classy wearing this, and it made me fall in love with onee gyaru even more. I was never one for toning down but I was really happy with this outfit, and it was such a beautiful day as well.

Chasing Cherry Blossoms

My hair wasn’t great but oh my gosh I loved my dress and my shoes and my belt and basically everything else in this photo. I was in Japan, and I was so happy to finally see some cherry blossoms in real life! It was definitely one of the best holidays I ever had, and I felt like such a princess!

New Year Who Dis?

2017 started off amazing with this gem of an outfit (that technically I wore for New Year’s Eve, but I’m going to class it as 2017). I loved combining dark makeup with an elegant look, and although it’s drifting away from the usual aesthetics of gyaru it’s still one of my favourite outfits.


rokku gyaru outfit, rokku coord

ane agejo, agejo gyaru, DaTuRa

I’m Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

I channelled magical winter fairy vibes with this outfit, and it marks the beginning of me toning down in my style. Nevertheless I loved how it looked and felt when I twirled around in this tulle maxi skirt.

Let’s Hangout and Chill Out

This is my favourite rokku gyaru outfit, hands down. It just has so many of the old gyaru aesthetics (the leopard print skirt, glavil replica necklace, skull top) that it’s as if I hopped back into the 2008-2010 gyaru era. I wore it for our first Birmingham gal meet and it was a huge success – we’ve been doing meets there ever since!

Birthday Gal: Barbecues and Cat Heaven

This highlighted the beginning of my obsession with DaTuRa and ane agejo, and of course I had to wear a new dress for my birthday! I’ve been loving this dress ever since and have been wearing it every chance I got, but this is by far my favourite look with it. I’ve never really worn maxi dresses (I always opted for something that showed off my legs) but I loved how elegant I looked!


ma*rs gyaru

summer gyaru outfit, summer agejo outfit, agejo gyaru

International Gyaru Lovers Winter Meet

This outfit holds a lot of precious memories, as it’s the one that I wore to my first International Gyaru Meet and where I won best agejo! I still have this in my wardrobe, and I can’t bear the thought of selling that dress… Maybe I’ll bring it out again one day before I get too old for it.

Hyper Japan Summer 2015!

I always wear my favourite gyaru outfits for Hyper Japan, and this one was no exception! I tried really hard with my hair that year and it was so worth getting up super early for it. I don’t really do dramatic hairstyles anymore but I’ve still kept all of the accessories in the hope that I go back to it.


agejo gyaru, hyper japan

ma*rs gyaru

Agejo on the Catwalk – Hyper Japan!

This was my very first time that I went to Hyper Japan and walked down the fashion catwalk, and it is one of my favourite memories of all time. My girl Chewiee did some amazing work to my hair and I’ve never felt so gal in my life! I love love love this outfit because it’s both cute but sexy, and so very gyaru!

Teeny Tiny Trip to London

Ah, the joys of when I didn’t live too far from London. I remember just sitting in my bedroom about to take off all of my makeup after doing some photos for a review when Chewiee called me up to say that a gyaru from the Netherlands, Amber, really wanted to meet me in London right away. So I dropped everything and got the next train to London and I met one of the sweetest people ever! Amber is so lovely and reading this post reminds me of how much I miss her. If only we weren’t so far away from each other!

And there we have it! My favourite gyaru outfits of all time. There were so many more that I liked but these were highlights of my gyaru years. I can’t wait to keep on creating more interesting outfits (despite being more toned down) and to see my evolution! Who knows, I might do this every few years to see if I’ve changed my mind!

Which one was your favourite?

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  • Mary Lee
    April 12, 2019

    I can’t pick a favorite because I love 2017 Lizzie, 2016 Lizzie, and 2015 Lizzie :3


  • Rebecca
    February 27, 2020

    My favorite is the photo with the golden chair on it. But I like all outfits. I really like this post. I feel “old” from time to time as well (right now I’m 30) and there are definitely unwritten social ‘guidelines’ for what to wear at which age. However in the end, age doesn’t matter much since you are as old as you feel and as long as you can pull it off and know who you are and how you want to be perceived by others you are free to wear anything. I love getting older because it also makes wiser even when that takes a bit longer lol. Anyway I like looking for inspiration at this blog, I love your positivity and honesty and you look good in a lot of different gyaru styles, keep it up