A cute picnic at Eastnor Castle ♡ himekaji + casual agejo co*des

Hey cutie! How are you? Day 3 of my birthday weekend was spent with my love and he took me on a surprise day trip to have a cute lil’ picnicThe weather miraculously improved which definitely helped me feel a bit more motivated to leave the house

But first… Look at how cute this hello kitty cake is that he ordered for me!!

A quick selfie before we leave

The place he took me to was called Eastnor Castle – and it was gorgeous! We spent quite a few hours there having our picnic, walking around the castle, and enjoying the nice weather on the castle grounds

We then went out for dinner The food was soooooo good omg. I had salt and pepper chicken wings and vegan katsu curry.

I had such a lovely day

Today’s co*de + make

I wore two different outfits today! The first one was a maxi dress and then I changed into something more suitable for evening attire for our dinner together.

Outfit #1

Outfit #2

And that’s it for my birthday weekend! I’m so happy I was able to spend it with all of my loved ones I’m going to potato for the next few days though as my social battery has run out entirely hahahaha

Okie dokie, speak soon!

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