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Easy Gyaru Hair & Makeup Tutorials Part Two

The thing that I made me fall head-over-heels in love with gyaru was how much attention they put into their hair and makeup, and so I wanted to create a part two of my “easy gyaru makeup and hair tutorials” series (especially with how successful part one was). This will be perfect for you if you’re thinking of adopting the everyday gyaru lifestyle or are on holiday and don’t necessarily have a lot of time to get ready.

Please note: these images were gathered from various corners of the internet – I don’t own them! Though can safely say that some were from the amazing GAL REVO which I highly recommend checking out for mag scans.

Updated: 29.05.2023

Easy Hair Tutorials

The first section will be a collection of easy gyaru hair tutorials! These were gathered from various corners of the internet, but mainly feature scans from EGG magazine (a major gyaru magazine) as they always have hairstyles that are both casual but super gyaru.

Easy Makeup tutorials

The makeup is the most important thing about gyaru – without it, you’re not gyaru! I wanted to feature these easy ones to show that you don’t have to go super over-the-top to be gyaru… In fact, it’s even more inspiring that you can do it whilst toned-down! Again these are mainly from EGG magazine but I’ve included some from HappieNUTS (a magazine mainly aimed at onee gyaru, which is for older gyaru) and have included some YouTube videos at the bottom.

That’s all for today! I hope you like this collection, as quite a lot of these tutorials were from around 2010 – 2013. Gyaru has toned down a lot but these tutorials are still quite relevant! If there’s anything that you’re stuck on, please let me know (and if you have any easy tutorials you want me to add to this post, please let me know about that too!)

Lizzie Bee xx

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