Embracing Your Imperfections

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I remember it as clear as day; me and my friend were sitting at a bar with our new housemate, and we were having a right giggle when our new roomie suddenly leant forwards and said “Haven’t you noticed that Lizzie has bunny rabbit teeth?” I was slightly intoxicated at the time but I remember my stomach dropping and my happiness faltering. Why would they say that, right in front of me? Luckily my friend just laughed it off and started pointing out our roomie’s imperfections while I just sat there trying to think of the best way to recover.

I hate my teeth. I know that they’re not the prettiest things in the world and that yes, I do look stupid when I grin, and I cringe at every photo where I’m truly laughing, but whenever someone else points them out I feel like I’ve been swallowed up by a hole in the ground. I try my best to laugh it off but find it difficult to take photos from then onwards with my teeth showing. I’m just too embarrassed.


I know that there are plenty of those out there who suffer from their imperfections as much as I do. Why do we have to be like that? Why can’t we be happy with who we are? I read this interesting theory – goodness knows where from – but the reason why we hate our own bodies and faces is because we see it every moment of our waking lives. It’s like reading the same paper over and over; no matter how beautifully written it is, we always get sick of it.

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Sweater: DaTuRa / Top: New Look / Skirt: MA*RS / Boots: Boohoo / Accessories: Claire’s Accessories and Tesco


But how are we supposed to get over it? Do we lock ourselves away, blacken every mirror in the house, and close our eyes at every reflected surface? That sounds terribly sad, don’t you think? I don’t know if I can ever live like that. I have contemplated maybe getting something done to sort my teeth out but in the end I always cower away from the idea of seeing someone about it.


Deep down, I know that it’s because I’ll be erasing a part of myself. And I’m not strong enough to do that. I truly admire those who could go through plastic surgery and turn into their dream selves. I don’t have the guts to do that. I know that there will always be something that I’m not satisfied with and it’ll keep on going and going…


So my only solution is to therefore stick with what I’ve got and make the most of it. Smile at every photo. Laugh as much as I want. Pull faces. Be silly. Be wild and be sexy! And to be happy. The more I tell myself that I am beautiful the way I am, the more I will believe it. If someone tells me otherwise – well they can go f*ck themselves, because I’m the cutest bunny in the world ♡


Lizzie Bee xx

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