Exploring Singapore day 2!

Gosh it’s getting harder for me to write posts so I might just spam with pictures instead haha. But today we walked around Singapore again and set off nice and early (as our plan was to come back to the hotel around lunchtime and then go out in the evening).

We started the day by heading towards the Sultan Mosque. We got there first thing in the morning so most of the shops on Arab Street (which is near the mosque) were closed, but my husband was able to find a place that sold baklava so he was very happy haha.

This mosque is simply magnificent!

The view of Haji Lane from inside the mosque

Haji Lane was full of colourful buildings like this one! But again, most of the places were closed (quite a lot of shops don’t open until 10am).

Of course, a trip to Singapore wouldn’t be complete without seeing the Skytree Grove!

The humidity soon became unbearable so we went back to our hotel for a few houds and then headed out to the casino! I wasn’t allowed to take pics but the place was huge. We also went to the art museum for a little while before going to get some dinner.

Unfortunately we missed the light show that they had, but Skytree Grove was still just as pretty during nighttime.

That’s all for today!

Tomorrow we start our journey back to the UK! So I’m hoping to edit some vlogs in the airport or something as I have so many things that I want to show you!

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