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Feeling like a princess

Okay so one of my friends Tobi suggested that I should try out Hime Gyaru, and I decided to give it a go! It’s not normally the type of style I would go for but I was interested in it a couple of months back. I just love how princessy and elegant they were… But it was just too much for me. I don’t think I’d cope with all of the frills and bows and pretty things.

But now that I’m not going to commit myself to any kind of style I think I might try out some not just rokku all the time, but like oraora, hime, onee, mode… It’s going to be exciting! And then hopefully I can develop my own style. I’m going to do more research into each substyle to gather loads of pictures for my tumblr so that I could easily find some inspiration.

I’ve never felt so princessy and girly in my life, and almost tried improving my posture as I walked~ Unfortunately it wasn’t the warmest of days so I just stayed inside lolololol. 

While I was dolling up I was just thinking about the hime gyaru style and what I like most about it. Well I really just love the way they are totally recognisable, and whenever I think of hime gyaru I think of pearls, bows, elegance, romance… Makes me feel so much like a princess >//< 

My eye make~ Tried some different colours this time! 

I think I actually prefer my purple lenses to my black ones…

Jesus Diamante top, skirt from boyf, New Look shoes

So I guess that’s all for now! Although I enjoyed Hime gyaru, I think I prefer the more agejo side of it like the clothes portrayed in MA*RS. But it was really fun experimenting with it!

Talking of experimenting… Is there a particular style of gal that you would like to see me try? I’m really open to ideas! ^^

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