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Feeling Nostalgic: Blog Evolution

I wanted to quickly write this post while I’m on my lunch break as I’ve been feeling really nostalgic now that my blog is all nice and pretty and SIMPLE! So I decided to go back and look at how my blog used to look like when I first started (which was nearly 10 years ago!) I can already tell that it’s going to be cringey lol.


So this was how my blog looked back in 2011 when it was called “mysticthorn”. I thought I was super mysterious and cool with that name haha but it’s kind of cringe. Back then I was super into gyaru as it was a whole new world to me and I wanted to be an everyday gal! But gosh look at the cringey words I used to say. “I has a new belt”. Ewwww.


Things got a little bit better in 2012. I’m so glad I stopped using a dark coloured background because it’s so hard to read! This is when I wanted to ditch the name “mysticthorn” but I wasn’t able to change my url back then, and I was really into learning French. The layout design was definitely a bit more elegant!


This was the beginning of my agejo era and I started to blog more seriously! So everything is now pretty in pink. I started limiting my blog posts to only 1 a week, every Sunday. Unfortunately this was also the time where less people were blogging in the gal community and I felt quite lonely…


My blog design then didn’t change until 2016, and that’s when I became more immersed in the blogging community and I stopped having gyaru-focussed content because I wanted to fit in with other UK bloggers (as at that time there were only maybe 1 or 2 gyaru bloggers left). I also changed my name to Lizzie Bee instead of Eternise-Moi!


This was a very important moment – I was finally able to change my url to what it is now! I was so, so happy, because I felt like it combined both my love for Hello Kitty as well as my name, hence Hello Lizzie Bee! Other than that, my blog design didn’t change that much but I changed the way I wrote and preferred to write longer essays. My blog posts were a lot more structured. I guess you could say this was when I finally abandoned doing casual posts as I wanted to be a “proper blogger”.


I made a huge leap from blogger to wordpress in 2018! My content changed ALOT. It was more… Shall we say, professional? I don’t know. I was very much influenced by famous bloggers on instagram and wanted to take fancy photos. No more selfies! Only photoshoots!


I changed my theme again to be even more professional, gearing my blog to helping other newbie gyaru. And it’s been that way until…


After years of trying to be “THE gyaru blogger”, I snapped. I was so upset and so fed up of creating content because I felt like I had to, and I was no longer enjoying it. I took a trip down old memory lane and began reading super old blog posts from 2011 and I just… Missed it so much. To be honest, I began to lose myself from 2016, when I wanted to fit in with the blog community. It’s no one’s fault but mine! But now I feel like I’ve returned back home and writing blog posts I want to write in a way I want to write and not for SEO or to look super professional. This is me!

This is still a work in progress, but at least it’s a step forward!

And that’s all for today! Thank you so much for joining me on my blog journey. See you next time!

Lizzie xx

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