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It’s Pretty but… Does It Actually Work? Feferafe Ice Cream Mask Review!

Hey cutie and welcome to my very first Face Mask Wednesday! I’ve been wearing one sheet mask a week since mid-last year, and I thought: why not make it into a series on this blog? This might be more of a bi-weekly feature as I want to slowly ease myself into this before committing to doing it every week. Anyway, this week I want to feature the Feferafe Ice Cream Mask that I bought from Mask Time. Yes, I have been given boxes from Mask Time for free in the past (here’s my previous Mask Time review to know more about them), but this time I wanted to treat myself during this lockdown period!

What really caught my eye was, of course, the packaging. I am a sucker for cute things and had to add this one to my basket! I was a bit skeptical at first because it’s usually for those with oily skin (I have dry skin/eczema) but I wanted to give it a go. Here’s my review!

Gimme’ the Lowdown…

Green Tea – Perfect for repairing damaged and calm irritated skin. I’ve got a lot of blemishes so I’m hoping this will calm them down a little. 

Strawberry – I was a bit skeptical about this because strawberry apparently fights oily skin, and I have the complete opposite (I have really dry skin/eczema). But strawberry also helps to nourish and revitalise which was what I was looking for!

Tahitian Vanilla – This makes the mask both anti-bacterial and anti-flammatory! 

My Experience

The first thing I noticed was that it was – and I hate saying this – very, very moist. Almost creamy! There was a lot of excess liquid which I rubbed onto my neck, and the mask itself was one of the biggest ones I’ve worn! There were a lot of ‘folds’ and it crept over my hairline because of how big it was. For the first few minutes it was quite refreshing, but then after 5 minutes the area just above my upper lip started to tingle. Okay, I thought, that’s quite normal… And carried on. The mask didn’t lose any moisture for the whole duration, but after 15 minutes the edges of my face started getting tingly in a very uncomfortable way, especially around my chin. I got the sensation that I just wanted to rip the mask off so I waited a few seconds before doing this.

Luckily, though, there weren’t any red patches or noticeable signs that I just went through this uncomfortable experience apart from the fact my upper lip looked a tiny bit swollen. I made sure to rinse my face just to be on the safe side, and the next day it was fine. I’ve never had this experience before with face masks so I was a bit disappointed!

Soooo what did I actually think of the Feferafe Ice Cream Mask?

Rating: 1/5

Okay I admit – I was mainly attracted to the packaging, and I’m really sad that the mask itself wasn’t that great. It’s strange because Green Tea is supposed to be good for calming irritated skin but it did nothing but irritate mine. I guess it’s probably because I have sensitive skin? And that this is more catered towards those with oily skin? Who knows!

Have you tried this Feferafe ice cream mask before?

Lizzie xx

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