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My new goal ☆ let’s get fit and healthy!

!!! Trigger warning: weight loss/gain !!!

Hey cutie! How are you?

For some reason today I’m feeling super renewed and positive! So I want to talk about my new goal and that is… To get fitter!

I started going to the gym and actually really enjoyed myself and has motivated me to be fitter and stronger. And, of course, to lose some of the weight I gained from my pregnancy so that I can fit into my favourite clothes again

I am not expecting to fit into everything because my body structure has changed (e.g my hips and ribcage are now wider). So I am going through and adding more things on vinted!

As for gal brand… Well, I’ll be avoiding buying any more because I don’t want to be upset about not fitting into it nor do I want to waste my time searching and buying. Unless it has lots of shirring or something .

Well, actually, I think I might avoid buying secondhand until I know what my size is in my favourite Western brands because 99% of the things I’ve bought I’ve had to sell again because I don’t fit into them including a dalmatian top I bought recently…

So the main goal is to be fit and healthy!!! And losing a bit of weight will be a bonus, but I think I’ll focus more on toning.

Wish me luck!!!

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