Friday Fright & Halloween Night!

Halloween 2015, Halloween costume party
Pic by James

I can’t believe Halloween is over already… It was the first time I could actually celebrate it so I went all out – instead of just celebrating it for one day I managed to do something for the whole weekend. I dressed up, splattered myself with blood (fake, of course) and I had so much fun!

Halloween makeup

Friday Fright

Halloween began on Friday night when I went out with my work colleagues as some sort of dead-rokku-gyaru mashup. There was a bit of last-minute panic with the whole oh-my-gosh-what-do-I-do-with-my-face but YouTube saved me and I found this super easy but awesome tutorial. I cheated a little as I couldn’t find any red eyeshadow in the local shop so I opted for red lipstick instead. I used the same lipstick for the “veins” as well. It was my most inexpensive Halloween look ever! Unfortunately I didn’t take many pictures apart from the above selfie.

galloween, halloween gyaru, gyaru kitty, halloween kitty, rokku gyaru

rokku gyaru, gyaru outfit, halloween outfit

This is Halloween (Day)

Okay so I was going to caption this as “Halloween Nights” like I did in my title but to be honest… Halloween was the whole day for me! As soon as I woke up on Saturday morning I was buzzing with excitement and started to get into my Halloween-Day look, which ended up being some sort of rokku-gyaru-vampy-kitty without the vampire fangs because I had such a nightmare with them! I don’t know why but the putty that I got seemed to stick everywhere but on my teeth?! It was so annoying but I made do.

My boyfriend and I then went out to buy some Halloween goodies and spent the whole afternoon making Halloween treats for the party later on. It was as if we were working in the kitchen for Christmas, but for Halloween. It was kind of stressful but so worth it! Afterwards I got changed into my Halloween night outfit which was… Goodbye Kitty!

Day outfit details: Dress: / Ears: Pixie Bunny / Choker: Glavil by TuTuHa / Earrings: Claire’s Accessories / Socks: Primark / Shoes: New Look

halloween treats

gyaru halloween nails, gyaru nail art

zombie kitty
Pic by James
zombie hello kitty, zombie bride
Pic by James

This is Halloween (Night)

Yes I dressed as the dead version of my favourite character, Hello Kitty! The wig was terrible and kept molting and sticking to my dress, but it was okay because it was just for the night. We hopped over to my friends house with our Halloween treats and then it was time to party and take pictures! (Pictures taken by James).

If you were wondering where I got all of the recipes from, I found all of them from the wonderful world of Pinterest! I’m definitely going to use Pinterest again if I do intend to do something for Christmas, but for those thinking of Halloween next year here are the recipes I used: Dracula’s Dentures, Ghost Brownies, and Pretzel & Cheese Broomsticks.

What did you all get up to on Halloween? Would love to hear about your shenanigans in the comments below!

Until next time~ ♡

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P.S I’m already thinking of ideas for next year because there are only 364 days left until next Halloween! *shock shock horror horror*

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