A New Gaijin Gyaru Magazine?! Introducing… Papillon!

I’m so happy to be writing this post right now. I’ve just flicked through the first few pages of Papillon (the brand new gaijin gyaru magazine) and oh my gosh I love it. It’s filled with insightful articles, makeup tutorials, and enough outfit inspo to last you through to the next year! There’s also a special feature with – wait for it – Black Diamond, yes, THE Black Diamond gyarusa! But before I ruin it all,  let’s take a peek to see what the first issue of Papillon has in store…

Papillon gaijin gyaru magazine

The cover features my gyarusa, QueenE, as hosts of the Gyaru Jubilee meet! Even though it was way back in August (hasn’t time flown?!) the photos still brings back amazing memories, and I am so happy that it was chosen as the magazine cover. I loved how they designed the cover as a whole as it reminded me of the glitz and glam of Koakuma Ageha magazines

The magazine opened to an introduction to the gaijin gyaru magazine by Darla, which had my heart bursting with pride; not for only being a part of the team behind Papillon, but for being part of the gaijin gyaru community as a whole. It promises a closer bond between us and the gyaru community in Japan, which leads me to the next exciting part of the magazine… The exclusive interview with Black Diamond! Lea sat down with the four representatives of Bdia (including my favourite, Aochan) and we’re given an insight into their lives.

We were also given some peek into the lives of some members from the gaijin gyaru community, and I’ll stop myself from writing anymore as I don’t want to spoil the first issue for you, but I was really happy to see a couple of gaijin gyaruo in the magazine as well, and I hope this will encourage more to join our community!

Interview with Black Diamond gyarusa
Gaijin gyaru makeup tutorial
Gyaru Jubilee article from Papillon Magazine

All in all, I am incredibly excited to see what happens in the future. The first issue is off to a brilliant start, and brings back memories of when I would flick through Gal VIP (the previous Gaijin Gyaru magazine from the early 2010s) as well as look up some inspiration from Japanese gyaru magazines like Koakuma Ageha and EGG. Although now I don’t need to find an English translation, tehe!

Click here to read our new gaijin gyaru magazine Papillon, and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Lizzie xx

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  • marie
    October 19, 2019

    I used to get those kind of magazine when I was in Japan I think one of the magazine I used to get was called Egg ?. anyway Amazing stuff!!!!


  • Michelle
    October 19, 2019

    Congrats on being featured in this magazine! It looks amazing! This reminds me of when I would buy Japanese Harajuku fashion magazines every month. I would always try to recreate the makeup looks but Gyaru makeup has always been my favorite! ♥


  • Kieli
    October 22, 2019

    I was so incredibly happy to see it and read through it. Everyone did an amazing job!

  • Amy
    October 27, 2019

    You’re so beautiful inside and out. Xxxx