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Good morning cutie, how are you? ♡ Today I wanted to take part in the 109 Gal blog challenge! Reila, along with a few other people in the gal comm, have put together a whole month’s worth of events which started on 109 day (September 10th). And this blog challenge is a part of it! Okay, let’s go!

Name / Gyaru nickname and country
Lizzie Bee and I’m from England.

Since when are you gyaru?
Late 2010/early 2011.

How did you discover the style?
Through LiveJournal – I was looking for an alternative to lolita and that’s when I found hime gyaru, which led me to finding out about all of the other styles.

What’s your current substyle? Why do you like it?
Current substyles are himekaji and hime gyaru! Well, those are the two main ones in any case. I just love how princess-y they both are! But I also do general gyaru styles… It really depends on my mood.

What are your current booms?
Hime gyaru! And also Halloween haha. I love Halloween!

Share 3 of your fav codes. Why do you like them so much?
Ooh gosh this was really hard haha. But I chose these ones because I felt the most comfortable in them!

Share 3 things your learned during your Gyaru journey.
Everyone starts from somewhere
No matter how experienced you are, there is always something new to learn
Gyaru is bloody expensive lmao

Share 3 gaijin gals and 3 Japanese gals you look up to.

Darla – she is a wealth of knowledge and one of the most underrated gals out there.
Georgie – she really lives the gyaru life!
Sui Princess – she isn’t gal anymore, but I loved how she threw herself completely into hime gyaru. Even now she is a shining example of a hime gyaru.
Emi – sorry I’m going to cheat and add one more haha but I love her energy and how she doesn’t give a f*ck about what other people say. She’s no longer gal but I would be so happy if I had 10% of her energy ♡ ~(‘▽^人)

Okarie – I mean… I just love her so much. She has the most interesting codes!
Chie Yoshikawa – regardless of my booms, I always refer back to Chie’s blog and her codes.
Yumachi – I haven’t really talked about her on my blog before but I really admire how she’s held onto gyaru! Even now when she’s super toned down, you can tell that she’s gyaru.

What’s your favorite Gyaru memory?
Going to an international gyaru meet for the first time! It was also the first time I went abroad without any family members. I remember being super nervous and worried that no one would like me but everyone was super sweet (´,,•ω•,,)♡

What would do advice to people who want to start in the style but doesn’t have the courage yet?
Just do it. Oh and, for the love of Tsu-chan, do your research!

And that’s all for today – speak soon!

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