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Hey cutie, how are you? ♡ Today I want to introduce you to the “gal-o-meter!” This is to help newbies in particular to create a bit of balance as gyaru is about the overall look rather than just one aspect. It was an idea created originally by Hannah (rosequartzroyalty) that Chris then adapted to use for gyaru, and then Sei created this lil’ graphic for us to use!

This is a brief summary to help explain the concept to you which I grabbed from Sei:

This chart depicts all the key points in gyaru styling. When you tone down on one point, it’s important to increase the intensity in another area to maintain balance and keep your overall look recognisably gyaru. Depending on your target style, some elements may be lessened in preference for others (e.g. having a tan is less important in Hime).

Even though I am not a newbie (helloooo 10 year anni), I really wanted to try it out as I feel like there’s always room for improvement! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ Okay, let’s go!

Look #1

This is the first look that I’m going to analyse! It’s a more toned-down outfit, and this is what I think about it…

Overall, I really like this look. My hair is styled, makeup is pretty good (if I say so myself!) and I loved my nails. I’m definitely lacking in the tan area but I think everything else balances it quite well!

Look #2

Yeaaaah I’m not happy with this look haha. I mean, okay fine, I am happy but like… it’s… Idk but I guess if you were to use the gal-o-meter I might not stand out as gal???? Idk I’m really really stuck on this. But imagine if I had a tan, maybe a diff pair of shoes, and actually did something with my hair and maybe jazzed up my accessories or something.

Look #3

I am… Really happy with this look. I just felt like a real princess! I mean, might look cute with a tan, but you can get away with not having one for hime.

Here’s the plain vers for you to use!

And here’s another graphic that Sei created which features another really good exercise where you can see if you still look gal even if you cover your face up.

And that’s all for today! Speak to you tomorrow (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

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