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Get the Look: Ane Agejo at Work

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The last time I did a ‘Get the Look’ post was back in 2012. Yep, 2012. That’s a really long time ago (especially in the blogger world) and I remember just how encouraging it was to be able to mimic a gyaru brand outfit with items from the UK (or, in worst case scenarios, eBay). So I was overjoyed to read that you really wanted to see something like this again on my blog and this – along with my ‘one item five ways‘ – is going to be another series that I’m bringing back. After all, my main purpose on this blog is to help fellow gaijin gyaru out in their gyaru journey!

Today we’re looking at this ane agejo outfit modelled by Tomomi, a MA*RS shop staff gal (gosh I can’t actually remember how long she’s been working there…) and she is the perfect example for Ane Agejo – for looking sexy but also classy! This outfit is ideal for those at work, so let’s dive right in.

hat: boohoo or eBay / top: eBay / necklace: accessorize / belt: eBay / skirt: missguided / bag: eBay

Sooo it looks like most of the items I found were actually from the wonderful world of eBay! I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t find any items from New Look/Forever21/etc, but I guess you can save a hell of a lot of money by buying from eBay. All of the eBay shops I’ve listed are also UK based, so you wouldn’t have to wait months on end for your item to arrive.

The only thing I haven’t included in this are her boots, because you can get over-the-knee boots anywhere (especially now that we’re in Autumn/Winter).

Anyway, that’s all for this week’s ‘Get the Look’ post! Let me know if there are any outfits you’d like me to do.


Lizzie xx

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