Get the Look: Get your checkered shirt on

(Lame title alert OTL)

Whoopsies, sorry that I posted a little later today! I’ve been just so busy with uni work and all… Even though it doesn’t seem like I’ve done much ;__; But ANYWAYS, here’s the Get the Look post for this week! ^^

And now onto the similar clothes!

You could find these in any Western stores, but the shops I’m using from are from the UK (although I do think that they sell worldwide~ I know that New Look definitely does ^^)

Seen a look that you’re interested in? Want it to be featured on “Get The Look”?¬†

Please leave a comment or contact me via twitter. Links to pictures would be perfect ūüėÄ

Checkered Shirt from Topshop

Top from Urban Outfitters

(white is available too, but I couldn’t get the preview for it >_<“)

Shorts from Topshop

Tights from New Look

Boots from New Look

Hat from Topshop

Necklace from Miss Selfridge

Please note that¬†you don’t have to buy these clothes in order to¬†achieve¬†this look¬†that the gal has above. You could always buy cheaper & similar things elsewhere! ^^ I’ve just chosen the ones that look best for this look~

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