Goodbye, QueenE…

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Today I officially announce that QueenE, our gyarusa, have disbanded.

We had some discussions about whether or not to simply go on hiatus but we’ve all decided that it’s time to let go…

We’ve all been busy with other things in our lives and so we’re saying goodbye.

But instead of being sad about QueenE disbanding, I’m going to try and focus on everything we’ve accomplished together ♡♡

QueenE Gyarusa Illustration by Danielle Rianna

Here are some photos of our QueenE days that I’m going to treasure ♡

May 2017: This picture was from our very first meet as a circle, with me and Wib as co-leaders and with Laura, Rachel and Kei as our very first members.

UK gyaru circle QueenE in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

August 2018: There was a time where I stepped back from co-leader duties but then rejoined during our trip to Paris for the gyaru party! Laura had left our circle by this time, and we welcomed Danielle as our newest member.

QueenE gyarusa at the Christmas market
Christmas gyaru outfit by QueenE gyarusa

December 2018: From our Christmas meet + sleepover! We recorded a short video announcing gyaru jubilee, an international gyaru meet we were hosting in Birmingham.

August 2019: This was taken during gyaru jubilee, an international gal meet that we hosted in Birmingham! I was so proud of us.

November 2019: Pic taken at the very last meet we went to before the pandemic. Wib took a step back from QueenE during this time and Danielle took her role as co-leader.

December 2020: And then we welcomed in Risa over lockdown!

Thank you so much for all of your support and thank you, QueenE gals, for making this circle so special to me ♡♡♡

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  • bb*gal
    March 26, 2022

    I’m sorry the circle disbanded, you look like you’ve had some amazing times together 💖💖💖