Growing Old but Never Growing Up

Birthday girl, rokku gyaru, alternative fashion

I couldn’t think of another way to write this title – yep, another year has come and gone but I still feel the same apart from the fact that I can spend the day showering myself with gifts. Take this unicorn balloon, for instance… Isn’t it magical? I’ve loved unicorns ever since I was a child and I still have my unicorn plushie that I got when I was around 8 years old. Some people would call me sad, but I call myself a “big kid”.

I wasn’t too sure what to wear this year – I wanted to be cute and wear pink, but I’m also super excited for Halloween and wanted to channel goth vibes so I thought… Why not do both? And here I am! I want to do this a lot more because I had so fun wearing it and I felt a lot more than myself. I love agejo, don’t get me wrong, but it’s nice to wear something completely different every now and then. I feel like a gothic princess when wearing this and for once I’m happy that it’s not absolutely boiling outside so that I can wear my darker wardrobe.

unicorn balloon


alternative girl, alt fashion, goth girl, rokku gyaru

killstar bag

rokku gyaru, alt fashion

Top: eBay / Skirt: Missguided / Heels: New Look / Bag: Killstar / Accessories: Misc

My outfit is pretty simple if you think about it. I got my top from eBay, my skirt in the Missguided sale, and my bag from Killstar which I adore. Only thing I can say is – how f*cking creased is this skirt? I tried steaming it, ironing it, but nothing could get out the creases! So it’s safe to say that I will not be buying cheap clothes ever again unless I keep it somewhere where it wouldn’t get folded up.

Also, the blackberries are back in town! I used to spend the last of my summer holiday going blackberry picking with my parents, so to see them on my birthday was a huge surprise. I had no idea that they came out so early – and they taste so yummy! It makes me want to grow my own little garden but for one) I am terrible at gardening, and two) I have really bad hayfever. That isn’t a good combination, but a girl can dream.

I have a few goals in mind for my next birthday that I’d like to accomplish but I probably will never do:

  • Do something that makes me happy in terms of work
  • Keep on exploring with my style and not be afraid to go with the flow
  • Be as gyaru as I can be
  • Give myself more “me” time to stop myself from burning out
  • Keep being the big kid that I am and enjoy life

Until next Sunday, you magical human beings ♡♡♡

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