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New gal boom ♡ nail deco!

Hey cutie! How are you? I haven’t been sleeping very well because of my hayfever and the heat… But at the same time I’m really happy because I love love love summer! It makes me feel so much more motivated ( ̄ε ̄@) I’m also super happy because I have a new boom: GYARU NAIL ART! ♡

Basically I started going to the nail salon and omg I love having nails so much. It’s such a lovely experience as well to sit there and chat whilst they are doing my nails! So I’m hoping to get mine done regularly, or at least switch up between having acrylics and wearing false nails. Here are the ones I’ve had done so far:

And here are some pics for inspo! I did a few posts in the past with lots of gyaru nail inspiration, so I’m only going to share a few photos here and just post the rest on my main one.

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

Click here to see gyaru nail art inspo for all nail lengths

That’s all for now! Do you like getting your nails done?

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