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My Favourite Gyaru Coords of 2019

There was a theme floating around in the Lolita community (another Japanese fashion that doesn’t have any relation to *that* book) where they would post a few of their favourite outfits from the first half of 2019, and my friend Reila wanted to give it a gyaru twist and tagged me to take part! But by the time I wanted to do it, it was already August so I thought I’d wait a few more months to then do a 2019 outfit round-up. So here are a my favourite gyaru coords of 2019!

Pink Sunsets

It was this outfit that made me realise that I am more like Aya Hoshino than I thought, and for once it didn’t make me feel guilty or bad! If you haven’t read Super Gals! manga then Aya Hoshino is the more studios of the gyaru trio; she has dark hair, is quite pale, and yet is still regarded as super gyaru. It made me so happy to find someone to look up to (despite it being a 2D character haha). I wore this when I went to Malta with my bestie!

Get Wild & Be Sexy!

I’ve been wearing a lot more non-branded items this year, and the only brand item I wore in this was my MA*RS choker, but that doesn’t really count, right? I wore this for my collaboration with Reila where we talked about what ‘get wild and be sexy’ meant to us.

Simply the Zest

Another outfit from when I went to Malta! I just love how cute and casual this outfit is, as it reminded me of the type of outfits you’d see in EGG magazine.

Clueless-Inspired Coord

This outfit brings back so many nice memories as I wore this when I went to see my gals Nini and Celine in Bordeaux! I had such an amazing time, and you can read more about it over in this blog post.

Be My Galentine?

I wore this at our Galentine’s day gyaru meetup in early February, and it marked the beginning of me getting back into agejo (which is one of the more sexier styles of gyaru). I used to wear this sort of style a lot back in 2014, so it was a bit nostalgic for me wearing this!

Barbie Gyaru

I couldn’t not include this outfit! Again, mostly off-brand items, apart from the MA*RS belt and choker. I’ve promised myself to do more themed outfits like this one (with the Clueless outfit being one of them) because it was so much fun mixing up themes with gyaru!

Countryside Flower

I always make an effort when it comes to my birthday, and so when that magical time came around I knew I had to wear this gorgeous Liz Lisa jumpsuit. What’s also amazing about this outfit is that it was featured on Liz Lisa’s official instagram account, which really made my day!

Wild at Heart

This was so out of my comfort zone but I absolutely loved it! It brings back memories of the warm and sunny days and I can’t wait for Summer to come around again (yep, I am a Summer baby!) This look was featured in one of my one item five ways posts which you can read here.

Gyaru Jubilee

This whole look was one of my favourites (shoutout to Chewiee for doing my hair!) and the dress I wore was my first ever MA*RS item. I was so close to selling it but changed my mind at the last minute and I’m so glad I did! I wore this to Gyaru Jubilee, which was the first int gal meet that was hosted in the UK by none other than QueenE gyarusa!

Christmas Cheer

This was one of my favourite outfits from our holiday to Germany, made cuter by the penguin hat from Primark! I had quite a few people staring at my legs (as it was really cold) but what they don’t know is that I had a pair of nude thermal leggings on and then another two layers of tights tehehe.

And there we have it! What makes me so happy about this post is that I realise that quite a few of my outfits were off-brand. Guess that means I’ve smashed my goal of wearing more off-brand items this year!

What are your favourite gyaru coords? Have you done this challenge?


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