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Gyaru: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When I first started gyaru I had so many questions… So much so that I worried that I was the most annoying person ever! But the gaijin gyaru (non-Japanese gyaru) community is always more than happy to help, and over time I slowly compiled all of the frequently asked questions when it comes to gyaru. I finally gathered enough to put together this post so voila – here’s the Gyaru Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment box below.

updated: 16.04.2021

Do I have to have brand items to be gyaru? Can I wear offbrand items?

Wearing them will make you feel more gyaru, yes, but you don’t need brand items to be gyaru. I mean… There are certain unique details that brand items have but you could find gyaru-able items from local stores. I would recommend using brand items as reference when finding things and think about the overall gyaru aesthetic.

But where can I find inspiration from?

I’d recommend taking inspiration from EGG magazine (or from their Instagram) as they’re really good at showing how you can wear “ordinary” clothes but look instantly gal by the way you put everything together.

I really want to post my gyaru looks but I’m worried about the gaijin gyaru community. Are they bitchy?

Honestly, no. We may be harsh with our words but we are known for being very honest and only want you to improve. Our community is quite small in comparison to other alternative fashions and it’s in our interest, as well as yours, to look the part. I’ve found some of the most amazing people through the community and I don’t know what I’d do without their help!

Are circle lenses necessary?

No, just practise your makeup to find ways to make your eyes look big and bold without them. I did a tutorial a while back on how to do this.

What if I can’t wear circle lens and I have to wear glasses?

That’s totally okay! Like with the above, you just need to practise and experiment to see which lashes will work well with your glasses.

Is there an age limit? Can you be “too old” for a certain style?

You can never be too old to do the things you love, including the makeup you put on and the clothes you wear. Gyaru is an extremely versatile style, and I’ve always told myself that I’m going to be a gyaru granny!

Pic by my friend Mily

How do I wear Gyaru in public? I’m scared people will point and stare…

Unfortunately this does happen a lot in gyaru because you’re not dressing to the norm and obviously that’s going to garner some attention. All you need is a little bit of confidence, and you can slowly build that up by first wearing it at home before stepping out into the world. I wrote some tips on how to do it in public if you want to know more!

I really want to do gyaru everyday… How do I do that?

I used to do gal for uni everyday, and usually I just do simple hair and makeup styles and then more casual clothes. The same kinda thing applies if you work full-time, but honestly don’t worry if you can’t do it everyday! There are other ways to incorporate it into your everyday style.

Can I be gyaru if I’m plus-sized?

Hell yes! Gyaru is for all body types.

I’m broke. I can’t afford the gyaru clothes…

Unfortunately… Gyaru, overall, is expensive because there are just so many aspects to it. You’ve either got to think about tanning, getting your nails done, buying false lashes… Like, there’s a lot to it. But it is possible to do it on a budget, and you don’t have to buy gyaru brand. You’ve just gotta train yourself to find things that could work with gyaru.

Where can I buy gyaru brand?

I buy most of my gyaru brand secondhand on Gal/Gyaru Sales group on Facebook, mostly from my friends. But you can buy gyaru brand from places like mercari and taobao! You’d need a shopping service for those though. I wrote a little guide here on all of the places myself and my gal friends buy from as well as recommended shopping services!

What burning questions do you have about gyaru?

Lizzie xx

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