Gyaru improvement meme! How can I improve?

I winced with embarrassment while I was reading the original text to this post. It’s crazy to see how much has changed over the years (since April 24 2011, to be exact) but this is still one of my favourite posts that I’ve written despite cringe-worthy words like “shizzle”, “methinks” and “<33333”. I did another reboot of it in 2013, but you know what? I’m going to improve the gyaru improvement meme (again)! So, as of May 05 2020, allow me to introduce the Gyaru Improvement Meme 3.0!

Gyaru Improvement Meme by hellolizziebee
Gyaru improvement meme by hellolizziebee

But what is the gyaru improvement meme?

Back when I first started gyaru I wanted to create something that showed my development so that I could look over each month to see what areas I needed to work on. The idea was that each month I would upload my best photo, and so I would have a little collage of my favourite looks at the end of the year. I did this for the first year or so since I started gyaru, but then after that I started to settle comfortably into my own style and stopped using it. A few other gals in the community also gave this a go and it made me so happy to see everyone participate, and to also see their journey, too!

Now, however, I have decided to give it another go. Although it doesn’t look like I “improved”, I have certainly settled into my own individual style. I’ve started doing dramatic eye makeup again and gosh, I haven’t curled my hair in ages!

Lol I haven’t really improved this year though

Bonus piece….

This time I want to create a bonus piece where, instead of comparing months, I would compare my best looks over the years… So kind of like a 6-year gyaru timeline haha!

What does your journey look like?

Feel free to use this gyaru improvement meme and share your looks! I’d love to see them all. Please remember that it’ll work best if you only uploaded your favourite/best photos so that you can do an honest comparison!

Lizzie xx 

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