Gyaru improvement meme! How can I improve?~

Hey guys! ^^

Lately I’ve been thinking that I want to improve a lil’ more to be recognised as a gyaru. To help me I’ve decided to create a meme to show my improvement since I first started dressing Gyaru~ ^^ I think that it’s a great way to see whether or not you’ve moved forward, or even took lil’ steps back. When I gathered all of my pictures I felt really happy to see my development ^^
Pour m’aider, j’ai décidé créer (a meme?) pour montre mon développement depuis je commence habiller comme une Gyaru ^^ Je pense qu’il est un moyen génial a voire si j’ai amélioré. J’étais très heureuse en voyant mon développement lorsque j’ai mets tous mes photos dans un article.

If yoou wanna download and have a lil’ go at it, just send me an email and I’ll send yoou the PSD file at
OR you can just click on the picture for a larger size and save it 😀

Rules of usage:

  • You MUST credit me and comment on this post if you’ve used it! I wanna see your development tehe~ To credit me just put my blogspot URL in your post ^^
  • You have to use only your best pictures in order for this to work properly
  • PLEASE KEEP MY SIGNATURE ON IT! I don’t want someone else to take credit of this off me ;_____; 

And now for my version of it! ^^ I’ve changed the months for mine ’cause I started as a Gyaru in December last year, sooo I wanted to see my development from then instead of from just this year ^^ As you can see it’s not completed, but every couple of months I shall add to it and shizzle! ^^

Methinks that I’ve definitely improved since December ^^

What tips/advice could you give me to help me to improve? I am forever looking for help, but I want to see your opinion ^^ What should I change? What should I improve on? Please also leave links to any useful tutorials you have 😀

That’s all for now, 

Lizzie <333

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