Gyaru Master Post: Important Links + Resources

Hey cutie! How are you? ♡ I was just reading through some blog posts when I was suddenly inspired to create a lil’ list of gyaru resources! There are just so many informative posts out there that I thought it would be nice to have it all in one place rather than me just saving links in multiple Google Docs and Bookmarks haha. This list will include lots of gyaru resources such as tutorials, advice, as well as some articles on the history of gyaru. Okay, let’s go!

Btw – This list will be constantly updated as I find new things!

To make things easier, I’ve decided to split everything up into different sections.

Makeup Tutorials

Most of these tutorials are going to redirect you to YouTube!

How to do Gyaru Makeup for Westerners
How to do Gyaru Makeup Without Circle Lens
My Everyday Makeup, Gyaru Inspired by Pinkii
Kuro Gyaru Makeup Tutorial by Harutamu by Kawaii Pateen
Daily Kuro Gyaru Makeup by Miyupyon by Kawaii Pateen
Yuchopa’s Daily Gyaru Makeup! by Yuchopa
Gyaru Makeup Tutorial by DeDe
Natural Gyaru Makeup Tutorial by Momoa Seto
Daily Gyaru Makeup by Erika
Gyaru Makeup Tutorial by Akira
How to: Ageha Makeup by Adventures of Angel and Moe Tails
How to Contour the 7 Nose Shapes by Wayne Goss
★ Japanese Gyaru Makeup Tutorial ★ by Makeup Piggy
Super Easy Gyaru Makeup + Hair Tutorials
Super Easy Gyaru Makeup + Hair Tutorials (Part 2)
How to Do Gyaru Makeup without Lashes or Lenses by Sei-bby
Where to Buy Gyaru Lashes (with links) by Sei-bby
Dramatic Gyaru Eye Make Tutorial by Nino_nomz
Gyaru Makeup Tutorial by Emiriichu
How I Achieve My Gyaru Eye by Sei-bby
Namida Bukuro and False Eyelid Crease Makeup by Sei-bby

Hair Tutorials

Again, most of these tutorials will redirect you to YouTube!

Super Easy Overnight Curls! Heatless Curls Hair Tutorial
Inspiration Post! Gyaru with Dark Hair
Gyaru Cat Ear Hair Tutorial by OfficialNuehleVang
Hime Gyaru Curled Twintail Hair Tutorial by Sui Princess
Hime Gyaru Hair Tutorial by Sui Princess
Hime Gyaru Hair Tutorial #2 by Sui Princess
How to do Gyaru with Short Hair
Super Easy Gyaru Makeup + Hair Tutorials
Super Easy Gyaru Makeup + Hair Tutorials (Part 2)
Host-kei Hair Tutorial by Shiena
Puffy Straight Hair Tutorial by Shiena
Kawaii Tutorial #5: Mori Hair with Ayano Tokumaru by Kawaii.i
Basic Hime Hair Pouf Tutorial Using a Rat by Violet LeBeaux
Gyaru Styled Gal Hair – How to Make It Glamorous by Kimura Yoshiko
Synthetic Curls Tutorial by Cute Cryptid
How to Recurl a Non-heat Resistant Wig by Sei-bby

black diamond, gyaru unit, manba


Can I Be Gyaru If…?
Entrevista a Black Diamond by SugarQueenOfficial
Gyaru Interview with Black Diamond by Tokyo Fashion
Being Gyaru in Japan by Nobita from Japan
Announcement from Yumachi + Aina by JrockSuomi Ry
How to Wear Gyaru in Public
How to Do Gyaru at Work
How to Incorporate Gyaru into Your Everyday Life
Gyaru Room Inspiration!
How to Gyaru-fy Your iPhone by ShibuHara Glitter
Top Tips for Gaijin Gyaru Beginners
All About How I Tan by Emiriichu
7 Hobbies and Interests that can Level Up your Gyaru Game by Toxic Tsukino
How I Live My Gyaru Life
Life in a Shibuya Gal Circle from HARLEM’s Sa-jin by Churikko
Gyaru Circles: The Real Deal by Churikko
A Gal Resurrection Interview (Translation) by Churikko

gyaru brand clothes by hellolizziebee


How to buy from Taobao by The Name I Love
How to Buy Directly from Japan by The Name I Love
How + Where to Buy Gyaru Brand
Where to Buy JFashion Outside of Japan
Shop with Me: Finding Gyaru Things on Aliexpress by Toxic Tsukino
My Favourite Online Shops by Sei-bby


Gyaru Nail Inspiration for All Nail Lengths
Butterfly Nails by Emiriichu
Hello Kitty Nail Deco by Emiriichu
Fast and Easy 3D Nail Art Tutorial by Femi Beauty
How to Make Gyaru Nails by LiGyaru
Pink and Leopard Nail Art Tutorial by LiGyaru


Gyaru History; Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 by Neojaponisme – A MUST READ!!!
Fashion in Japan by BBC Choice (2000)
What is Gyaru? Meaning, Substyles + Resources
This really cool blog post about Yumachi’s time in EGG Magazine by Yumachi
How J-Celebrity Culture Contributes to Gyaru Culture: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 and part 6 by Toxic Tsukino via Churikko


How to Style Jeans/Denim Bottoms for Gyaru
Top Tips from a Plus Size Gyaru!
How to Do Gyaru in Winter

Substyle Specific

Everything You Need to Know About Himekaji
Casual Coords for the Everyday Himekaji
How to Make Liz Lisa Look Gyaru by ShibuHara Glitter
16 Things Every Agejo Should Have
Amekaji and Haady by Bunny Crafy Dream
B-Gyaru Lifestyle in Japan by VPRO Metropolis (btw… this might be a bit… Idk…)
Juggling Life as a Gyaru Mama


Liz Lisa Catalog Scans by Ribbons and Berries (aka Liv!)


Translated Gyaru Souzai Pixels by ShibuHara Glitter
Massive Gyaru Wallpaper Post by ShibuHara Glitter
Gyaru-style Costumes and Cosplays by Bunny Crafty Dream
How to: Open, Store, Clean, Check, Put On, Remove and Re-Wetting Circle Lenses by zWinnieYap
Complete Beginner Guide to Gyaru by HimeHimeStar
Gyaru-go: The Language of Gyaru by ToFuGu
Gyaru Magazine Scans by Shibuya Gals
5 Newbie Gyaru Mistakes and How To Avoid Them by Sei-bby
More Newbie Gyaru Mistakes and How to Avoid Them by Sei-bby
5 FAQs and Gyaru Tips Every Gyaru Newbie Should Know by Sei-bby

That’s all for now!
Like I mentioned above, I’m going to be continuously updating this post if I come across any useful resources!

Speak soon ♡♡

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  • Reila Less
    August 27, 2021

    This is so cool! ❤ There are many links I haven’t seen before, definitely will give them a check. Thanks for the masterlist. ;;

  • Lynn
    August 27, 2021

    Thank you so much for including my tanning section <3…that actually reminds me of another review I wanted to write…:*

    • hellolizziebee
      September 1, 2021

      Ofc my darling! I love reading tanning posts as it’s something I wanna do more often in the summer <333

  • Kieli
    August 30, 2021

    Wahhhh thank you for this and thank you for including my little blog! ♥

  • snail
    November 15, 2021

    thank you so so much for this !! ive fallen in love with gyaru styles but it can be hard to know where to start, im so thankful that youve posted so many great resources