What’s in My Gyaru Makeup Bag?

Hey cutie ♡ 你好小可爱! How are you? Today I want to share with you what’s in my gyaru makeup bag as part of Bay Area Kei‘s “Bibliotheca” monthly blog theme! I can’t actually remember the last time I did a post like this, and so I wanted to share the products I use, especially because I have to find those that would work well with my sensitive skin/eczema. Okay, let’s go!

You can probably tell I use this bag a lot (*ノ▽ノ) but obvs I don’t put everything in it, I just use this bag when I’m out and wanna just bring a few things to top up my makeup (usually lash glue, contour palette and blush). It’s my favourite makeup bag but all but one of the ribbons has fallen off. I think I might have to invest in a new one…

Anyway, let’s start with the base makeup!

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♡ Base Makeup ♡

Too Faced Hangover Primer – I love this primer and even though it has a coconut scent, it doesn’t irritate my skin!
Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation – It’s good but it does show up my dry/eczema patches, so I’ll be replacing it as soon as this one runs out. I avoid putting it around my eyes and the t-bone (is that the right term?) area of my nose.
NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Setting Powder – Works great with my skin!
Sleek Contour Palette – Another item that I need to replace soon. Lol I just realised I forgot to include my brushes that I use for contouring oops oh well.

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♡ Eye + Brow Makeup ♡

NYX Eyebrow Powder Pencil – Nothing really to shout out about, it’s just a basic eyebrow pencil but the colour I use is Blonde (as you should go for lighter brows when doing gyaru!)
NYX Tinted Brow Mascara – I would highly recommend wearing eyebrow mascara if you have dark brows like I do, as it makes such a difference! The colour I’m currently using is Blonde.
Too Faced Better than Sex Liquid Eyeliner – I’ve experimented with a lot of eyeliners and this one is by far my favourite! It has a really fine point and doesn’t irritate my skin at all.
Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara – Usually I’d just buy the cheapest mascara I can (as I just put it on to blend with my false lashes) but I really love this one from Too Faced.
NYX Epic Wear Liner Stick – Again, I’d usually just used the cheapest I can find, but this one from NYX is pretty decent!
Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette – The pigmentation isn’t the best but it works for my kinda’ eye makeup as I just stick to brown tones. I use the light and shimmery shade for my nose contour as well.
DUO latex free lash glue – The holy grail for all those with sensitive skin! I’ve been using this product for YEARS and haven’t had any problems with it at all. Highly recommend!

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♡ Finishing Touches ♡

To be honest, I probably should’ve included these in the base makeup section but oh well!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – I loooove this shade “Istanbul” so much! It’s such a lovely pink however I am currently looking for another one that’s paler for the old-school himekaji look.
Urban Decay Afterglow Powder Blush in “Quickie” – My favourite ever blusher, hands-down. I think I’d die if they ever discontinued this blusher!
False Lashes – I try my best to alternate between my false lashes and these two are my current faves!

Gyaru makeup - the false lashes
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And that’s it for this post! I will most likely update this in future with a new contour palette and foundation, but this will do for now.

What’s in your gyaru makeup bag?

What do you think?

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  • Natsumin
    May 27, 2021

    How cute is your makeup bag?? I adore it!! Also we use a lot of similar products lol XD except for the eyebrows products, I’m gonna take inspo from yours cuz mine don’t work well like I would like and also the colors are too dark :/ I loved this post, can wait for the next one 😀

    • Natsumin
      May 27, 2021

      I meant “can’t wait”… I really hate my keyboard lol

  • Samii
    May 29, 2021

    I adore that Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara as well, I can never use anything else! I’ve been looking for a good blonde eyebrow mascara (even though I went ahead and bleached my eyebrows lol) so I’ll try the one you recommended!