Gyaru Nostalgia: Past, Present & Future

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It seems like my MA*RS/agejo hiatus is over! It’s been fun trying out different styles but I know now that I can’t stray too far from it. It’s a shame that the new MA*RS collection doesn’t appeal to me, so instead of just limiting myself to that brand I’m going to branch out and do more of a sweet agejo look! (Please note; the style “sweet agejo” doesn’t actually exist, I just like mixing agejo elements with cute looks) I tried it out whilst shopping with my friend Amy, and it brought back so many happy memories where I would wear MA*RS nearly every day…

agejo gyaru, ma*rs coord

Hoodie & belt: MA*RS / Top: MA*RS (replica) / Bag: Spreepicky / Jeans: New Look  / Heels: Dorothy Perkins / Accessories: Primark & Claire’s Accessories

I’m so glad that I’m getting my inspiration back to do gyaru, and it’s all thanks to the anime Super Gals! I watched this years ago and it’s still working for me even now… And it’s made me realise how bad a gyaru I was in the past few months ^^” I haven’t really spoken to many of my gyaru friends, and I’ve ignored many of the things about gyaru that made me happy like wearing false nails and being different. I was slowly becoming ordinary. I don’t want to be ordinary!

I enjoyed gyaru so much in the past… I was so motivated and inspired to try new things, even if it turned out to be a massive mess! I blogged about anything and everything gyaru related, just to document every experiment and failure. What’s nice was that the blogging community back then was huge – everyone had a blog, and it was awesome!

The U.K. Gyaru community was also quite big – It was so much fun meeting up with others also interested in the style, but there are hardly any of us left and we rarely meet or even talk to each other…

Thinking about the past made me feel down, and that’s when it hit me. There’s no good thinking about the past and being stuck in it, I should be living in the moment and focusing on creating a better future for myself!

The future… It’s so cloudy at the moment and I’m not too sure if I’ll still be blogging 5 or 8 years from now. I want to be gyaru, but I only do it once a week now because of work… How will I keep it up in future? If I do end up toning down despite my determination not to, then I want to tone down elegantly like Sakurina and Shizuka Muto. The onee gyaru route seems to be more appealing to me in future than it is right now, so I’m trying not to do it too much. I want to enjoy agejo and sweet styles for as long as I can before that happens!

So here are things that I want to focus on to create a happier life:

  1. Talk to my friends more
  2. Save up so that I can go to London more often (aiming to go there once a month)
  3. Try harder to get into hime gyaru and sweet agejo
  4. Do over-the-top himekaji! Big hair and heavy blusher, like they used to do!
  5. Incorporate gyaru elements into my daily routine such as wearing (short) false nails
  6. Look after myself more! I need a healthier diet and I’m going to look for natural ways to improve my skin
  7. Avoid buying brands, survive on eBay
  8. Try different hairstyles & get better at hair

If I try to do gyaru daily then I would be so much happier! I used to do it all of the time at uni, but together with time and my skin condition it wasn’t possible. So I’m going to do things like dress nicely and wear false nails. I want to be gyaru for as long as possible…

… And if I do leave gyaru in future, I want to be happy knowing that it’s been a good run and that I lived my gyaru life to the fullest.

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