Gyaru Room Inspiration!

A few years back I wrote a post on gyaru room inspiration, and I have decided to revamp it and get some fresh inspo! I’ve been getting a bit bored of my room, especially how I store things, so I did a bit of digging around on tumblr and managed to find some images. Some of the images might’ve already been on the old post… But oh well! Who does it hurt if I feature them again?

Hopefully this will give you some inspiration too when you’re jazzing up your room, gyaru style!

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And some videos!

Key Takeaways

Animal Print

Gyaru looooove their animal print, so it wasn’t a surprise to find at least one element of leopard/zebra in their bedrooms! I especially love it when they mix zebra print with Hello Kitty as it combines both my love for gyaru and for Sanrio.

Favourite Substyles Shows Through

You can often tell what substyle the gyaru is more interested in when looking at these photos, as the ones who prefer tsuyome have lots of animal print whereas you can imagine someone interested in hime gyaru would have more Sanrio and pink, frilly elements.

Lots of Plushies

But no matter what substyle they are more interested in, there’s always at least one plushie hanging up or sitting on the bed. This makes me feel a lot less guilty of not being able to get rid of some of my plushies! I mean, just take a look at that picture with all of the Hello Kitty in the corner. It’s amazing!

Accessories on Display

I love how some hang up their dia belts on a hook (especially because I just shove mine into a bag in my wardrobe), almost as if they are proud to be displaying them. This also means none of their jewellery will get tangled up!

I really want to decorate my room now after these pictures – especially in getting some animal print duvet sets! I hope this post has helped you find some gyaru room inspo if you’re also thinking of vamping up your space.

Until next week,
Lizzie Bee xx

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