Gyaru Room Tour!

Hey cutie! How are you? We are now in our second lockdown which means that it’s going to be even longer until I can see my friends and family again and to be honest I’m really upset about it… So I’m going to throw myself into another lockdown project to keep me going! Last time we completely redecorated our bedroom, and today I want to do a lil’ gyaru room tour with you! Honestly I’m so happy with our room and it’s finally looking how I always wanted it to look. So let me show you around…

Key points in my gyaru room!

Animal print storage – These boxes were absolutely perfect for me, because not only they were in animal print, but they were pink as well! I use one of these boxes for storing my favourite bags, and the other two are for accessories which I keep in the cupboard.

Super Gals! Merchandise – Okay this is one of the best purchases I’ve made in 2020! It makes me so happy to see my favourite gals when I’m putting my makeup on. I wrote a lil’ blog post about where I got these from over here.

Lashes draw – My favourite draw of (most of) my false lashes! To be honest I’m really wary about wearing my favourite lashes now after going through some in the past and not being able to find them anywhere again. I’m tempted to start using lashes from eBay and Primark but… Well, Japanese lashes are the best for gyaru! 

Leopard print frames – These were suuuuper cheap from Poundland! I’m tempted to buy some more to be honest… 

Leopard print duvet – (Can you see a theme here?) As soon as I clapped eyes on this duvet set I fell in love! Because, again, it was pink AND leopard print! I hope to find more duvet sets like this because it really transforms the room.

You can also watch my YouTube video and I can show you my gyaru room tour properly!

I’m just so happy with it I could cry! I know that it’s probably more toned-down from the typical gyaru room decor, but it really resonates with me and I just love how everything matches, is in pink, and of course has leopard print!

That’s all for today!

What does your gyaru room look like?

Lizzie xx

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