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♡ 10 year blog anniversary ♡

Hey cutie! How are you? ♡ So today is a very exciting post because… It marks my 10 blog year anniversary!!!! Can you believe I’ve been writing posts on here for over 10 years now?! I can’t actually imagine my life without blogging as it’s just part of my every day life, and I’m just so so happy that you’ve been here with me on this journey.

To celebrate, I wanna go back through all of my posts and show you 10 of my favourite blog posts of all time! Starting first with, of course, my very first blog post! (Warning: VERY cringey writing here haha).

1. My first (somewhat embarrassing) post

Yep, my first post was nothing short of embarrassing. I mean, who uses vocabulary like “lawls” and “zomg”? Sadly, I “talked” like that quite a lot in my early blog days and thank goodness I’ve grown out of that. I was tempted to go back and edit those blog posts but it’s nice to see how far I’ve come!

2. My first ever gal meet

BOY was I nervous. I was very very young back then so my boyfriend came with me when we met some gals for the very first time in Birmingham. I became part of the UK gal circle Delight soon after, which is actually going to be one of my next posts!

3. Joining my first gal circle

Soon after my first gal meet in Birmingham, I became a member of the UK gyarusa called Delight! I was just so happy to be involved and it made me even more determined to be better at gal so that I didn’t let any of my circle sisters down! Gosh, I really miss that feeling of being a newbie where everything is new and exciting.

4. My first int gal meet

This post holds a very special place in my heart because it was the first time that I traveled abroad for a gal meet, and I’ve been going to gal meets pretty much every year since! My life changed for the better since then and I’m so glad that I met everyone.

5. I left my heart in tokyo! Shibuya gal life!

Obviously I’m going to have to mention one of my favourite posts of when we went to Japan! Like, JAPAN. The gal’s dream!!!! This was when I hung out with AKP gyarusa and my bby Emmie in Shibuya 109 OMG SHIBUYA!!!!! Gosh they were such good times. I miss being in Tokyo so so much!

6. Our wedding

Of course, although unrelated to gal, I had to include my post about my wedding. My biggest regret is not sharing our “wedding journey” but I’m so happy that I was able to document the best day of my life.

7. How to do gyaru makeup for westerners

This is personally one of my favourite blog posts that fit under the “advice” category, because I was able to collect and share some amazing tutorials from my friends in the gal community. I just love seeing how everyone does their eye makeup in their own way, and still be effortlessly gal.

8. Out with the new, in with the old!

This post marked the beginning of my journey to discovering my love for blogging again. I’ve spent so many years feeling pressured to post out “good content” that I forgot how to blog purely for the love of it. Since then I’ve been reverting back to my 2010 days where I literally blogged whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and gosh my mindset has improved so so much. I’ve been stressing a lot less and just enjoying myself again!

9. Active gyaru bloggers

Okay I just HAD to mention this blog post because even though it was a very simple list of active gyaru bloggers… It was a list of active gyaru bloggers. There hasn’t been such a blogging boom since waaaay back when and it made me incredibly happy to see people diving back into it again.

And that brings us now to the 10th post – this one!

I want to say an absolutely huge thank you for being so supportive and amazing and I’m actually getting super emotional writing this because I just never thought I’d still be blogging to this day. That I’d still be sharing my gyaru life with you. That I’d be able to find such an amazing community. Yes, instagram and other sns are more popular these days and people might not read blogs as much but I’m very happy to be sharing this part of the internet with you. I don’t really know what I’d do without you and I just… I love you so, so much. You are amazing. Thank you ♡

Here’s to another 10 years ! ♡

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