♥ Happy International Gyaru day! n_n ♥

Hey guys and gals! How’re yoou all? ^^

Happy International Gyaru Day everyone! I was really looking forward today, ’cause I got to meet the lovely Amelie and my boyf is also sleeping round tehe <3 What did yoou all do for International Gyaru Day? ^^

It was my first time styling short hair, and it took longer than expected o_O I think I might just have to invest in new curlers ;______; Sigh, so much to buy with so little money D:

Aaaand my outfit for today! Had a lil’ bit of help from Amelie and Marie so that I could get some ideas and shizzle ^^

Today I went to meet the lovely Amelie and we had a lil’ catch up and went shopping! Zomg NEVER EVER go with me and Amelie on a shopping trip, we will make you buy the stuff you want despite the lack of money lawls~ She’s the devil on my shoulder tehe ^^ I had so much fun meeting her <3 She’s a really awhsum person ^3^

Us two just messin’ around tehe~

She’s so cuute! ^3^ 

A sneaky photo in Forever 21~ So lucky that we weren’t spotted 😛

What I bought today~ I also received my order from New Look too! n_n

Two vest tops from New Look

I wanted to buy like a crochet sweater like the ones I saw in gal mags, but I couldn’t find any so settled for this one~ From New Look as well ^^

Also from New Look! Found this in the clearance today ^^

Maybelline gel liner, and lash curlers with a blusher brush from Forever 21

I got this from one of those machine-thingies where you put £1 in and twist it, and get a lil’ goodie ^^

And a piccie of me and the boyf <3

That’s all for now !

Lizzie <333

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