Hello 2022 (´,,•w•,,)♡


I had such a lovely first day of 2022 ♡♡

We started the day by grabbing a Mcdonalds for brunch. I was kinda’ sad that they didn’t have the breakfast menu available ;;

Waiting for my Mcdonald’s

Then I went home and put on my new sheet mask that my sister got me for Christmas! This one was so good and didn’t irritate my skin at all.

Then me, my husband, Adam and Lauren went on a lovely walk in the countryside! It didn’t rain but it was extremely muddy… But luckily I had my walking boots on!

Then we went home and I watched the “Toys that Made Us” where they did an episode about Hello Kitty! I swear, Yuko Shimizu (who designed Hello Kitty) is goals I swear *3*

Then we made jiaozi and ate duck pancakes with my family (´,,•ω•,,)♡

Now I’m going to go to bed because I’m exhausted ww. But I’m really happy with how 2022 started ♡

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