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We went to Hello kitty Island! ♡ pic heavy

I can’t believe it – we went to Hello Kitty Island (a museum and cafe decided to the wonderful Hello Kitty) and honestly I had the best day ♡(。- ω -) everything was just so beautiful and it makes me want to get more hello kitty room decor and stuff for our kitchen!

Click below to watch my video if you’re interested! If not, keep on scrolling for more…

Hello Kitty Island is a museum and cafe located on Jeju island. Because of this, we had to catch a flight from Gimpo airport to Jeju. Then a bus from Jeju airport to the “island”.

It took a while to get there but as soon as I walked in… I could’ve cried. Everything was so beautiful and so pink (*♡∀♡) I’m surprised that there weren’t more people there! But it meant that I could take my time and make the most of it. And take lots of pictures tehehe ♡

Time for the pic spam!

This makes me wanna include more pink decor in our kitchen
They had these really cute photobooths dotted around!
A lot of their food was sold out and none of it was dairy-free… Luckily I had my tablets!
I did some financial damage haha

If you are a Hello Kitty lover and were thinking of going to Jeju island, I would highly recommend Hello Kitty Island! Only thing I would say though is that it’s in the middle of nowhere. I wish we hired a car because there were a few other places I would’ve liked to have visited on Jeju island but they were so far apart from each other, it was impossible to do it all via bus.

That’s all for this post! I’m going to write another post now about Jeju island as its too much for this post ♡

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