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Before Gyaru, there was Hello Kitty.

I went through the phase that nearly every girl went through; I fell in love with Hello Kitty, but it seems that even after so many years I’m still a huge fan of it. I’m not as crazy as I was before when I used to wear as much Hello Kitty as possible, but I still like an accessory here and there.

I admit that I did look pretty cute during that stage but I was such a n00b! I’m glad that I grew out of it a little because I was just spending all the money I had on it. Bag, jewellery, clothes… Anything and everything I could get my hands on, I did. I still have lots of those items now because I just can’t bear to throw anything away. It was right after this Hello Kitty stage that I discovered himekaji and hime gyaru… It basically took me to where I am today! Here’s a photo of what I used to look like during my Hello-Kitty-obsessed stage:

Yeaaah… I was pretty crazy about it.

So you can imagine what it was like for me to see this adorable Hello Kitty crop top in Forever21 after so many years of not wearing anything with it’s face on my chest (ooer). I knew I just had to get it, and then I was finally able to wear it!

jfashion outfit, hello kitty outfit

sanrio outfit, jfashion, kawaii fashion

hello kitty crop top

Crop top: Forever21 / Skirt: Miss Selfridge / Socks: Primark / Shoes: New Look

It was incredibly hot that day… Could it be that summer is finally approaching?! I had to shift loads of boards and stuff around as I was helping to set up for the end of year show, and it was exhausting. I was glad I didn’t go with my original idea of having my hair down… That would’ve been crazy. At one point one of my lower lashes were coming off because it was that hot, and it was one of my lecturers who actually pointed it out to me that it was literally halfway down my face… How embarrassing D: But with a bit of emergency makeup I was okay and carried on helping out until I got bored so I went home to have an ice cream.

I guess that’s all for today! This post has really rekindled my love for Hello Kitty and now I can look back and be happy that I was so crazy about it before (tehehehe). I really want to start buying lots of Hello Kitty things now! Maybe I should include some in my next wishlist post?

Speak to you soon!

Lizzie Bee xx 

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