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A new boom? Hime Gyaru!

Hey cutie! How are you? Today is going to be a pic-heavy post because I want to talk about my new boom: hime gyaru! It’s a style that I tried a few times before but never really dedicated myself because… Well, it looked pretty unachievable ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ but now I want to give it another go because it’s such a beautiful style. I might not be able to be 100% hime gyaru, but I would love to at least try and incorporate it into my himekaji look (like they did in 2007 Liz Lisa collections).

♡ What is Hime Gyaru? ♡

Before I share my inspirations, I thought I’d explain what hime gyaru is (for those who are new to the world of gal). “Hime” translates to “princess”, and so hime gyaru are princesses of the gyaru world! Just think of Marie Antoinette but in a gyaru form haha. Instead of being wild and sexy (like a lot of other gyaru styles), the main focus is on being cute and innocent. Their hair is absolutely huge – honestly, the bigger the hair, the better – however pre-2006 hime gals did use their natural hair which they just backcombed into a beehive. Two very well-known brands are Jesus Diamante and La Pafait.

♡ My main hime gyaru inspirations ♡

Now that we kind of know what hime gyaru is, I think it’s time for me to show you my hime gyaru inspirations which will hopefully give you a better idea about this style.

Aimi from JD

My first inspo is Aimi who was a shop staff at Jesus Diamante! I do like La Pafait, but I feel like I would be more of a Jesus Diamante gal! It’s really nice to see a dark-haired hime gyaru (♡˙︶˙♡) What’s also amazing is that JD still exists and are active on twitter so I always make sure to retweet their stuff to try and spread the word (because… well, they’re probably the last gal brand now ;_;).

Himena Ousaki

I feel like it’ll be blasphemous not to include Himena haha but she is the ultimate hime gyaru inspo! I am more of a JD gal than a La Pafait gal, but I love how she did her makeup and how OTT she was with her style. She was a huge inspo to me in my agejo days as well and I love reading her blog!

Ayano Tokumaru

The first person I think of when I think of “La Pafait” is Ayano Tokumaru! She, like Himena, wears a lot of cute pastel colours (mostly pinks) and aaah she’s so so cute! She’s one of the rare few that hasn’t deleted her blog, and it’s so easy to find pics of her during her La Pafait days. What I like is that she has done dark-haired looks, too!

♡ Other inspo pics ♡

Here are some other pics that really inspire my new boom!

♡ YouTube vids ♡

Here are some YouTube vids! I really love this one with Ayano Tokumaru and ofc I had to include the ones Sui Princess did (who was a huge inspo to me when I was a beginner! Honestly I fangirled so much when I met her for the first time).

This is more of an agejo hairstyle tutorial but can be used for hime as well!

♡ Previous attempts ♡

So these are my previous attempts…

Meet with Annie!~ 2011

Where’s the sun gone?~ 2011

Feeling like a princess – 2012

Baby Steps! – 2015

And that’s all for this post! I’m excited to incorporate this new boom into my look (♡˙︶˙♡)

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