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My Hime Gyaru Outfits (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Hey cutie! How are you? ♡ I’ve decided to create a lil’ post on all of my hime gyaru outfits I’ve put together so far! I’m really excited about my hime gyaru journey, and will try and wear it as much as possible with the dresses I have so far. It’s not ideal for everyday wear, so I’ll stick to himekaji and gyaru kei for that, but I do love wearing it when I’m out and about! ♡

I will also link the photos to the blog posts that they’re taken from (´ ε ` )♡

IsoBee Afternoon Tea
This was my first hime gyaru outfit and the one that jumpstarted my hime gyaru boom (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) The dress was actually given to me by Chi Clothing which I was so happy about because I really love their dresses! So this outfit is a good example of putting together an offbrand coord.

Hime Gyaru Co*De
Okay but this is my favourite hime gyaru outfit so far! It was also the first time I used rope wigs to create my buns which I then just decorated with some flower accessories.

Recent Co*Des + Weekend Events!
I wore this when I was out for a hen do! The theme was black or white and…. Well, I decided to wear both haha. I had a really lovely time and it was so nice to have dinner with some of my friends! To be honest, thinking about it… This might not fit into hime gyaru as the dress is a little bit too short…

Hime Co*De + My Friend’s Wedding!
This is where it gets a bit confusing… Because it’s kind of hime-gyaru-inspired, but also could be classed as himekaji… But oh well! It’s cute as hell. I really loved wearing this and can’t wait to make my hair big and curly again!

The Day After the Wedding
This is more of a casual hime gyaru coord – something that I want to wear more often! Don’t get me wrong, I love OTT gyaru, but in reality… Not everyone will have super big and perfect hair all of the time. Plus it makes me feel like hime gyaru is a lot more achievable!

Birthday weekend ♡ day one!
I wore this for my dinner date with my hubby for my birthday! It was the first time I wore a half wig but I wish I made the bump a bit more obvious… Oh well! I really do love this dress and want to wear it again soon. Gosh, I really need to get another pair of shoes… I’m wearing the same two in every hime gyaru outfit tehe.

Hime at Warwick Castle! Sundown Spectacular
The first time I did hime gyaru with a darker theme! I love looking at Jesus Diamante staff in black dresses, so I tried to emulate that but with a Killstar dress. It was also my first time wearing both ponytail wigs and a half wig. I need to work on hiding that seam though haha.

hime gyaru co*de + birthday meal
An outfit that I wore to my husbands birthday! Gosh I had such a headache wearing those wigs… It’s something that I need to get used to!

hime gal insta live ♡ jd co*de
I wore this casual JD gal code for my insta live with my bby Rinmero! We talked about all things hime gyaru and shared our wardrobes. I absolutely loved this coord and can’t wait to wear it again for like afternoon tea or something.

NYE jd co*de
This is by far my favourite JD dress! I had such a nightmare with the hair though, as I couldn’t figure out if I liked it or not… But after a few hours I just took everything down and went back into my pjs haha. Still love this co*de though!

Today’s hime co*de for youtube
I wore this when filming my hime gyaru hair tutorials! One of the bands on my wigs snapped halfway through the vid lol but at least it isn’t obvious in the pics!

Jesus Diamante co*de for gal me2
This was the happiest I felt in a long time because I was able to meet up with my gal pals who I haven’t seen in years. I absolutely LOVE this dress – it is by far my favourite! Not only is it pretty, but it was so comfortable to wear.

Pink hime co*de
Wore this when I went for a walk to see some cherry blossoms with my love! Unfortunately the blossoms hadn’t bloomed yet ;; but I still had a lovely day!

Fruit frenzy co*de
I absolutely adore this dress as I rarely venture outside of wearing anything other than pink, so it was a breath of fresh air! I’m hoping to expand on my non-pink hime collection to make my wardrobe more varied.

AmzyBee date – afternoon tea
Darla mentioned how this co*de really reminded her of Belle and I agree with her wholeheartedly. I felt like such a princess!

JD co*de + new youtube vid!
I wore this hime gyaru outfit when filming my hime wardrobe tour! I can’t wait to wear this again properly as I really do love how casual it is whilst still retaining that hime vibe.

Silver hime co*de
I absolutely adore this dress!!! So!!! Much!!! I wore this when we went on a dinner date (´ ε ` )♡

Belated birthday + hime gal co*de
I got covid for the very first time just before my birthday… So I had to push my celebrations back until I was 100% in the clear. So that’s two years in a row that I wore hime for my birthday!

Off to the theatre~
What better way to go to the theatre than in hime?

NYE co*de
Ended and started the year right by wearing a cute hime gal co*de!

And that’s my collection of hime gyaru outfits!

I really hope to continue to build this up and will be updating it frequently.

Let me know which outfit was your favourite!

Speak soon (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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