Cute Himekaji Coords for Autumn/Fall

Hey cutie! How are you? Is it sad that I’m actually excited to share this post with you? Ever since my last post I have fully thrown myself into old-school himekaji so here are a few of my recent himekaji coords for Autumn (or Fall, if you’re from America)! By the way, most of these pictures were taken over the past month or so (before our second lockdown).

Florals? In Autumn?

This is one of my newest himekaji purchases! I really want to wear this dress again for when I go to afternoon tea because I absolutely love it! To make it a little more suitable for colder weather I just layered a long sleeved top underneath, and it worked a charm. And of course, I wore my trusty thermal tights which kept me SUPER warm and the best thing is that you can’t really tell that I’m wearing them tehe. 

dress: liz lisa / top: ma*rs / socks: primark / shoes: new look / accessories: ebay and claire’s accessories

Afternoon Tea?

This is one of my favourite outfits of all time that I wore when I went for afternoon tea with my friends! Who knew it would be the last time I’d have one in 2020. Gosh, I really hope I can go for an afternoon tea soon… Or maybe I could make my own one? The tulle skirt instantly creates that lovely princess appearance which is absolutely perfect for himekaji!

sweater: liz lisa / skirt: boohoo / socks: primark / shoes: new look / bag: ebay

Pumpkin Pickin’

You don’t really see a lot of examples of dark colours in himekaji, but it has to be one of my favourite things about Autumn! I’d love to incorporate more darker reds and browns in my future himekaji coords. This was my outfit for when I went pumpkin picking with my girls Amy and Lauren, and I added a hint of spookiness with this Mimic face mask!

sweater: liz lisa / skirt: miss selfridge / shoes: new look / socks: ebay

Fuwafuwa Princess

Have I mentioned how much I loved Autumn? Summer used to be my favourite season but it has been slowly switching to Autumn over the years. I just love all of the pretty colours and the fact that I could wear my cosy jumpers again! I can already tell that I’m going to be wearing this hoodie A LOT over the next few months because it is one of the coziest things I’ve ever worn.

hoodie: liz lisa replica / dress: liz lisa / shoes: new look / accessories: primark or ebay

Dreamy Casual

I wore this outfit on our trip to Edinburgh (which you can watch very soon, it’ll be posted on my YouTube channel on Thursday!) and I looove it. I don’t see many himekaji coords with jeans and this makes me want to experiment more with that! 

jeans: boohoo / sweater: liz lisa / beret: dreamy bows / accessories: claire’s accessories / bag: floozie by debenhams / trainers: new look 

Ooh La La!

You’re probably bored of this outfit but this is one of my favourite himekaji coords! I felt so princess-y and kind of… French? Maybe it’s because of the beret!

poncho: ma*rs / dress: liz lisa / bag: floozie by debenhams / boots: no idea soz / beret: dreamy bows / accessories: dreamy bows, ruby rose, and primark 

Old School Himekaji

Another outfit with this Liz Lisa sweater! I wore this outfit during our trip to Edinburgh where we spent the day walking around the National Museum of Scotland and to the kitty cafe. I’m so glad that I wore a lot of layers for this because it was super cold and rainy that day (yes, I was wearing thermal leggings, a pair of tights, AND a pair of over-the-knee socks!)

sweater: liz lisa / skirt: liz lisa / blouse: liz lisa / socks: ebay / shoes: new look / bag: floozie by debenhams

Ojikawa! Cute Grandpa!

I wore this on the first weekend of our second lockdown… I guess I dress up now to go food shopping tehe. I was very much inspired by the 2011 trend featured in Popsister (or was it Popteen?) Called Ojikawa and Obakawa – which basically translates to “cute grandpa” and “cute grandma”! Everything I’m wearing is offbrand which is quite refreshing. Just shows it is possible to do himekaji without Liz Lisa!

sweater: h&m / trousers: ebay / socks: primark / hat: ebay / shoes: new look

Cute and Cosy

The weather had been super dark, gloomy, and overall miserable, so I decided to go for something a bit more cute and cosy! Unfortunately the sweater was a bit too long and kept covering up my skirt… Making it look like I had no bottoms haha. I did get quite a few stares when we went out food shopping! But I felt super cute.

sweater: liz lisa / skirt: liz lisa / boots: ebay / hat: liz lisa / scarf: maybe primark? not too sure

And those are my favourite himekaji coords for Autumn! I will probably add more outfits to this post in future as my new himekaji journey has just begun!

Which one was your favourite Autumn himekaji coord?

Lizzie xx

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  • Lynn Leo
    November 22, 2020

    I looove these outfits!! I sometimes had the issue with the pullover covering my skirt too. I used safety needles to keep them in place ❤ I’ve got one pullover that I want to sew together because of this♥️ xoxo Lynn Leo

    • hellolizziebee
      November 22, 2020

      Thank you so much princess ❤️ oooh love the idea of using safety needles to keep in place! I just try that next time! ❤️

  • Aimsy
    November 22, 2020

    Oh, I love all of these outfits! They look so pretty but cosy at the same time. I love the dress in the first outfit, it just looks great against the background of the photo too! Also, love the trousers in the ‘cute grandpa’ outfit.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Aimsy xoxo

  • Julia Seco
    November 23, 2020

    Himekaji suits you so well! Excited for you to keep exploring the style and update us with more cute coords!

  • cheerie
    December 1, 2020

    You’re so cute in all of these!! I love how many looks you pull off and how happy you look in each of them ❤ I especially adore the “cute and cosy” outfit as it’s just too cute, but also hilarious @ the sweater being too big and covering the skirt!! So relatable! The ojikawa outfit is sooooo precious!

  • Angela Kawada
    December 12, 2020

    OMG!!!! I LOVE ALL OF THESE SO MUCH. SO CUTE! I love Autumn fashion because it’s cute, cuddly and pretty in one.