Himekaji girls Christmas tea party (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

Hey cutie! How’re you? I’m feeling a little bit rough because I had my booster yesterday so I’ve been trying to relax and only went out to do the food shopping today ;;

But today it was also the himekaji girls Christmas party event! I was originally going to wear makeup but I think I’m gonna leave it until Christmas…

Jumper: liz lisa / skirt: miss selfridge / slippers: from my hubby / accessories: gift from Toni + aliexpress

It was so nice to see everyone again! I made myself a gingerbread hot chocolate for the meet.

Okay it’s time to go back to bed (*ノ∀`*) hopefully tomorrow will be better as I’ve got a lot of cleaning and drawing to do!

Speak soon („• ᴗ •„)

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